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This subject is taught by Te Kawa a Māui - School of Māori Studies.


Māori Studies courses and programmes examine the Māori people—their language, culture past and present, and their place in relation to the other cultures of New Zealand, Polynesia and the world. Our courses are part of the range of offerings for the Diploma in Māoritanga, the Bachelor of Arts (BA), BA(Hons), Master of Arts and the PhD degrees.

Māori culture is a living and dynamic reality in New Zealand/Aotearoa today and provides the nation with many of its unique qualities. Historically, interaction between Māori and non-Māori has shaped the economic, social and political development of this country.

A positive future for our country will increasingly rely on both Pākehā and Māori having a greater understanding of Māori culture and society and especially how our colonial history impacts on the present day realities for Māori people.

Māori Studies programmes focus on developing awareness, appreciation and understanding about the issues and complexities associated with these things.

Tohu Māoritanga | Diploma in Māoritanga

The Tohu Māoritanga/Diploma in Māoritanga is designed to provide students with a foundation in Māori language, culture and society as well as supporting the development of academic study skills needed for tertiary study. A University Entrance qualification is not required. The Tohu Māoritanga can be completed in one full year of academic study (February–November).

Find out more about the requirements for the Tohu Māoritanga | Diploma in Māoritanga.

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Undergraduate information

BA major requirements

Māori Resource Management

  1. MAOR 123 and 40 points from (MAOR 101, 102, 111, 112)
  2. 40 points from MAOR 202, 203 or 217
  3. MAOR 301 and one of MAOR 302 or 316

Māori Studies

  1. MAOR 111, 112 and 123
  2. MAOR 211 and 221 and 20 points from MAOR 200-299
  3. MAOR 313 and 20 points from MAOR 300-399

Te Reo Māori

  1. MAOR 101 and 102±
  2. MAOR 111 and 112
  3. MAOR 211 and 221
  4. MAOR 311, 321 and 322

± Requirement 1. will be waived for students who have the appropriate NCEA Level 3 requirements (or equivalent).

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Postgraduate information

For information specific to Māori Studies, please see our Postgraduate Study page. For information about the postgraduate qualifications, please click on the Faculty links below.

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How to find out more

You can order more information on this subject using our Request for Study Material form.

Victoria's Student Recruitment, Admission and Orientation Office offers advice on courses and help with planning your degree.

Contact the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Student and Academic Services Office for information on admission, qualifications and courses, course advice and selection criteria, exemptions and prerequisites and your Application to Study.

If you would like further information, contact the School of Māori Studies - Te Kawa a Māui.

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List of courses

For a complete course listing, see the list of all Māori Studies courses.

100 Level Courses

MAOR 101 – Te Timatanga/Introduction to Maori Language

MAOR 102 – Te Arumanga/Elementary Maori Language

MAOR 111 – Wana te Wanawana /Maori Language 1A

MAOR 112 – Wanawana te Tu / Maori Language 1B

MAOR 123 – Te Iwi Maori me ana Tikanga/Maori Society and Culture

MAOR 125 – Special Topic: Maori Cultural Practices for Professionals

200 Level Courses

MAOR 202 – Te Putaiao Maori/Maori Science

MAOR 203 – Te Taunaha Whenua/Mapping Whenua

MAOR 210 – Special Topic

MAOR 211 – Tu Te Wana Wana/Maori Language 2A

MAOR 212 – Te Ao Hangarau, a Rehia/Culture, Performance and Technology

MAOR 213 – Te Kawa o te Marae/Marae Etiquette and Protocols

MAOR 216 – Te Tiriti o Waitangi/The Treaty of Waitangi

MAOR 217 – The Peopling of Polynesia

MAOR 221 – Tu Tu Te Wana/Maori Language 2B

MAOR 222 – Te Aukorimiha, Te Auripomiha o te Reo/The Social and Political Development of the Maori Language

300 Level Courses

MAOR 301 – Ta Te Maori Whakahaere Rauemi/ Maori Resource Management

MAOR 302 – Te Pumoto o te Tangata Whenua, o te Taiao/Indigenous Knowledge and Science

MAOR 308 – Maori Media

MAOR 311 – Tiri Te Wana Wana/Maori Language 3

MAOR 313 – Nga Tikanga Tuku Iho/Maori Customary Concepts

MAOR 316 – Torangapu Maori/Maori Politics

MAOR 317 – Special Topic

MAOR 321 – Te Reo Karanga, Te Reo Whaikorero/The Language of Karanga and Whaikorero

MAOR 322 – Te Tahu o te Reo/Topics in the Structure of Maori Language

400 Level Courses

MAOR 406 – Te Reo o Nga Tohunga/The Language of the Masters

MAOR 408 – Ta Te Maori Rangahau/Methodology of Maori Research

MAOR 409 – Te Ao Onamata/Issues in Traditional Maori Society

MAOR 410 – Kaupapa Turua/Special Topic: Iwi Internship

MAOR 411 – Te Ao Hurihuri/Issues in Contemporary Maori Society

MAOR 412 – Special Topic: Consulting Archaeology - Procedures and Practice

MAOR 489 – Kaupapa Rangahau/Research Project