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Technology is here to help!

There are many online tools out there that are not always language specific but can be useful for language learning:

  •  Audacity is a music editor but is widely used by students and teachers to create audio material and for language speaking practice. Make audio recordings in your office or LLC Lab. To get started watch the Video in the video tutorials section. 
  • Use VLC (orange cone icon) to listen and slow down audio files and create specific bookmarks of movies on DVDs you wish to share with your students
  • On Blackboard create quizzes and learn about wikis and learning journals available on Blackboard
  • Engage your students in their personal productions - innovate with creative web2.0 tools
  • Explore immersive 3d virtual worlds for cultural and linguistic awareness. Students and staff can access Second Life in vz011 lab. Please contact Edith to find out more.

For course software development, lab hands-on training and technical support, contact Edith

Course Material Development

If you wish to create your own set of digital practice exercises we have:

  • Flashcards Before You Know It flashcards DeLuxe so you can combine audio, text and pictorial within Flashcards. Please note that students will need to download BYKI express  fro free when you share the Flashcards you create. You might prefer to use Quizlet which also has an app version and generates memory quizzes. Have a look at an example in English-French for our language buddy programme. It is free and is available online.
  • Hotpotatoes is more complex but create online quizzes containing crosswords, gapfill, multiple choice exercises to which you can add video (or Youtube), audio, pictures and text. look at some in-house created material and download the software for free on your PC. Edith will be delighted to assist you in getting started and compiling your pages into a full website. If you wish to make it available online for your students to access it from home, contact Edith.

Foreign Channels with e-TV

The library subscribes to a New Zealand online Service that gives access to a broad range of free to air, sky and foreign channels such as TV5 Monde, RAI Italia, TVE, Russia Today (in English), Deutsche Welle, (both in English and German) . You can either watch programs live, access pre-recorded programs and  request special programmes to be recorded and stored in Victoria's library channel. For more information on how it works click here or contact Edith

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School Visits

Secondary schools pupils are welcome to visit the LLC in combination with the language department of the School of Languages and Cultures. Students can try out computer software for language learning. Contact us