Language Learning Centre

Teaching Lab VZ011

The LLC facilities are currently used for classes of modern foreign languages (SLC's programmes), EFL and Deaf Studies (SLALS's programmes), Māori Studies, and Samoan Studies.

As with neigbouring Teaching Lab VZ003, VZ011 is equipped with Virtuoso and Soloist which offer the same functions as traditional language lab applications (comparative recording and individual intercom) with the added ability to record pair or group conversations across the room. Teachers can also send web links or any other file type to groups of students for them to work on at their own pace.

The VZ011 Teaching Lab contains:

  • 21 student PC workstations
  • Tutor PC workstation, plus data projector, VCR, and DVD player  
  • Sony Soloist: an extensive listening, recording and authoring software
  • Virtuoso: teacher console to monitor students (video and audio)
  • Classroom layout is a U shape against the wall with central tables for group work and teacher directed activities
  • Echopanels for optimal sound quality

The LLC staff are dedicated to helping language teachers and students with more flexible language learning facilities. Teacher training and in-class support are available with Edith Paillat, our Language Technology Specialist.


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