Improving performance

Victoria encourages feedback from students and undertakes rigorous reviews to ensure continuous improvement of its programmes, teaching and learning support.

Student feedback

Feedback from students is an important component to improving our teaching and courses.

All students are invited to provide feedback about courses and that feedback is analysed and published each year. All students are also invited to take part in an annual survey to provide feedback on how services and the University can best support them during their time at Victoria.

Resources for staff managing student feedback are managed by the Centre for Academic Development.

Programme reviews

The University undertakes Academic Programme Reviews regularly—click the link for a calendar and information on how to get involved.

Educational performance indicators

Each year the Tertiary Education Commission releases education performance indicators for all tertiary institutions.

The latest results show:

  • Successful course completion (shows the proportion of courses in a given year that are successfully completed): Victoria’s result was 86%, and the median for all universities was 86%.
  • Qualification completion (shows the proportion of students who complete a qualification): Victoria’s result was 76%, and the median for all universities was 81%.
  • Student progression to higher level study (gives the percentage of students who complete a qualification at one institution at levels 1-4, and move on within 12 months to pursue a qualification at a higher-level at the same or a different institution within New Zealand): Victoria’s result was 75%, and the median was 79%.
  • Student retention (measures an institution’s success in retaining students through to the completion of their qualifications): Victoria’s result was 86%, and the median for all universities was 86%.