About the Centre for Academic Development

The Centre for Academic Development (CAD) provides ongoing development opportunities, free of charge, to all academic staff.

CAD provides an Orientation to Academic Life for new academic staff, as well as a mandatory tutor training programme for new tutors. The centre also offers the postgraduate qualifications in Higher Education Learning and Teaching (HELT).

Other offerings in CAD's comprehensive academic development programme include workshops on educational technology, lecturing, small group teaching, copyright, marking, assessment, feedback and using Blackboard for teaching.

CAD will also custom design workshops to meet specific groups' requirements. 

CAD provides support in a wide range of areas including:

  • academic development
  • learning and teaching advice
  • educational technology services
  • teaching and course feedback
  • policy development
  • research
  • other practical services focussed on improving and enhancing learning and teaching.

Victoria staff are welcome to contact any of the CAD staff about our services or to get support. CAD staff are available to work with individuals or teaching teams. We have assigned specific staff as designated contacts for each of the faculties and these staff are making a particular effort to ensure they are familiar with the learning and teaching activities of their assigned faculties.

For our contact details please view the contact us page.

There is also an email list that notifies interested staff of upcoming CAD events, and provides a forum for discussion on learning- and teaching-related issues. Fill out the online form to subscribe to our email list if you would like to be kept up to date with what we have coming up.