Academic development

Victoria's Centre for Academic Development works with teaching and tutoring staff to improve the quality of the student learning experience.

The team provides resources, advice, training and support for staff–using latest technologies, student evaluations and international best practice.

To ensure teaching and learning at Victoria remains at the forefront of international best practice, projects are also underway to research the underlying principles that result in effective learning and teaching. This includes:

The e-Learning Maturity Model

The e-Learning Maturity Model (eMM) provides a quality improvement framework with which institutions can assess and compare their capability to sustainably develop, deploy and support e-learning. This project is supported by the New Zealand Ministry of Education Tertiary e-Learning Research Fund.

Please see the eMM Project website for more information.

New Zealand e-Learning Guidelines: Copyright

Copyright and intellectual property laws and contracts present a significant challenge to tertiary education organisations and staff engaged in e-learning development and delivery particularly in New Zealand. This project developed detailed information with the objective of providing a clear understanding of the legal avenues available for e-learning content reuse and development in New Zealand.

Please see the e-Learning Guidelines Project: Copyright Resources for more information.