Faculty of Law

LLB First Year

Entry into LAWS 121 is open to all applicants with a University Entrance qualification (subject to room capacity and the University GES admission system). 

Students take three compulsory 100-level law courses and either five 15-point or four 20-point courses from subject areas other than law; i.e. 70 non-law points. 

The three 100-level courses are:

You must pass LAWS 121 in the first trimester to take LAWS 122 and LAWS 123 in the second trimester.

You may repeat a 100-level law course, but only once, to try and improve your grade-point average for selection into second-year law.

If enrolments exceed the capacity of available lecture theatres, priority will be given to those students who are enrolling in each of these courses for the first time.