Research and scholarship

Victoria’s Faculty of Law is New Zealand’s leading centre of academic legal research.

In the recent PBRF (Performance Based Research Funding) evaluation, the Faculty was judged the best in the country. View a complete list of our Faculty profiles.

Elisabeth McDonald and Yvette Tinsley

Research projects

Victoria’s legal academics have been working on a range of research projects from International Commerce and Trade to Prosecuting Sexual Violence. Find out more about their research, the impact it’s had and the academics themselves.

Book launch Susy Frankel

Award winning scholarship

The Victoria Law Faculty is dedicated to the production of legal scholarship of the highest quality. A sample of research by the Faculty of Law that has gained external funding support and awards.

Socrates books

Faculty books

The Faculty of Law at Victoria University has a consistent record of producing publications of national and international significance. See an annual summary of Faculty books by our law academics.

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Faculty publications

The core business of the Faculty of Law is teaching and research and its staff are widely published in a variety of national and international publications. See an annual summary of this work by the University, Faculty and Alumni.

Victoria University of Wellington Law Review

Faculty journals

The Victoria University Faculty of Law has two major research publications, the VUW Law Review and the New Zealand Journal of Public and International Law, as well as a number of Legal Research Papers.

Professor Tony Smith—Dean of Law

Research degrees—PhD and Master of Laws

For those seeking to pursue higher degrees by research, a PhD or Master of Laws, completed by course work, thesis, or by a combination of a dissertation and course work, could be the right option for you.

Greg Severinsen

Postgraduate student profiles

Our postgraduate students have many opportunities to participate in the intellectual life of the Law School. Find out about our Masters and PhD students—what they’re studying and the research projects they’re currently working on.

Areas of research excellence

Find out the areas of research that staff and academics at the Faculty of Law specialise in—see their areas of research excellence.

A day in the life of a research intensive Law School

Read a snapshot of a day in the life of the Victoria Law Faculty and their research activities.

The Social Sciences Research Network

The Social Sciences Research Network (SSRN) is one of the world’s major online resources for scholarly research. Victoria is the only New Zealand law faculty with a full presence on the SSRN site, a development that has greatly enhanced the dissemination of the work of its academics.