Alberto Costi

Associate Professor School of Law


Teaching in 2017

Research interests

International law, Armed conflicts, International criminal law, International environmental law, European Union law, Public law

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LLB Montr, DipInt'l&CompLaw San Diego, DipAdvEurLS College of Europe Bruges, LLM Harv


Alberto Costi's main teaching and research interests are in public international law, with specializations in the law of armed conflict, international criminal law, international human rights law, the law of international organisations and international environmental law, and in comparative law and EU law. In all those areas, he has published extensively, presented papers at numerous international conferences, commented in the media and appeared before parliamentary committees. He has also advised a number of governments and other bodies on international law and EU law issues. He currently sits on the editorial or advisory board of Environmental Policy and Governance, the Comparative Law Journal of the Pacific, the Revue Quebecoise de Droit International, the New Zealand Journal of Public and International Law, the Victoria University of Wellington Law Review and the New Zealand Yearbook of International Law. He is a member of the New Zealand International Humanitarian Law Committee and serves as the Secretary-General of the International Law Association New Zealand Branch and the Vice-President of the New Zealand Association for Comparative Law.

Former professional commitments include clerkship at the Supreme Court of Canada and academic positions at Keele University in England and at the Central European University in Budapest. In addition, he has acted as Visiting Professor in Montenegro and Kirgyzstan, at the Faculty of Law of the University of Western Ontario in Canada and at the College of Law of the University of Iowa. He was a Guest Professor for the Second International Humanitarian Law Course for University Lecturers in China (organised by the International Committee of the Red Cross Delegation to China and the Chinese Foreign Affairs University) in Beijing in 2012.  He was a Visiting Fellow at St Antony's College, Oxford in 1998-1999 and a member of the External Advisory Board, National Centre for Research on Europe (University of Canterbury, New Zealand) from 2004 to 2006.

Areas of supervision (PhD and LLM)

  • Public International Law
  • Law of Armed Conflict
  • International Environmental Law
  • Comparative Law
  • Public Law

Selection of publications

"Reception of International Law in New Zealand Law: Beyond the Monism/Dualism Divide" in Marko Novakovic (ed) Basic Concepts of Public International Law – Monism & Dualism (Alter DOO, Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade and others, Belgrade, 2013) 975-1009.

Complementary Approaches? A Brief Comparison of EU and United States Counter-Terrorism Strategies Since 2001(2012) 18 Yearbook of the New Zealand Association for Comparative Law 167-195 SSRN.

Special Editor, (2012) 10 New Zealand Journal of Public and International Law (Issue No 1 entitled “Enhancing Stability in the International Economic Order”) (with Susy Frankel) 1-151.

Special Editor, (2010) 41 Victoria University of Wellington Law Review (Issue No 2 devoted to the 60th Anniversary of the 1949 Geneva Conventions and International Humanitarian Law) 107-289.

"Addressing the Major Legal, Political, and Practical Obstacles Facing Hybrid Tribunals in Post-Conflict Situations: Learning from Past Experience and Lessons for the Future" in Beth A Griech-Polelle (ed) The Nuremberg War Crimes Trials and Their Policy Consequences Today (Nomos, Baden-Baden, 2008) 135-157.

"The 60th Anniversary of the Genocide Convention" (2008) 39 Victoria University of Wellington Law Review 831-849 SSRN.

"The Hariri Tribunal" (2007) 13 Revue Juridique Polynesienne 169-191 SSRN.

Alberto Costi and Neil Boister (editors) Droit Penal International dans le Pacifique: Tentatives d'Harmonisation Regionale / Regionalising International Criminal Law in the Pacific (New Zealand Association for Comparative Law/Association de Legislation Comparee des Pays du Pacifique, Wellington, 2006) xxvii + 251 pp.

Alberto Costi and Yves-Louis Sage (editors) Droit de l'Environnement dans le Pacifique: Problematiques et Perspectives Croisees / Environmental Law in the Pacific: International and Comparative Perspectives (New Zealand Association for Comparative Law/Association de Legislation Comparee des Pays du Pacifique, Wellington, 2005) xxv + 372 pp.

"Environmental Protection, Economic Growth and Environmental Justice: Are They Compatible in Central and Eastern Europe?" in J Agyeman, R Bullard and B Evans (eds) Just Sustainabilities: Development in an Unequal World (Earthscan/MIT Press, London/Cambridge (MA), 2003) 289-310.

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