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  • Martin Pohlmann

    Learning on the job

    A unique internship programme at Victoria University of Wellington is providing Master of Laws (LLM) students with the experience of a lifetime.

  • Hannah Martin

    Bringing it home

    An indigenous scholar from Canada says the work she is doing at Victoria University of Wellington will help her benefit indigenous communities in her home country.

  • Picture of a river

    Guardian mindset could save our flora and fauna

    If we have a responsibility to care for and nurture nature, perhaps each species could be given personhood and guardians to exercise it on behalf of the members of that species, suggests Victoria University's Catherine Iorns Magallanes

  • Michelle Limenta

    From PhD to publishing success

    She may have only started learning English intensively in 2002, but a Victoria University of Wellington law graduate has gone on to write a book about international trade with a leading British academic publisher.