Faculty on film


Professor Dawn Oliver speaks at the Faculty of Law

24 November 2016

"Constitutional guardianship: The roles of public or state sector bodies" video

Professor Dawn Oliver, 2016 Borrin Fellow


7-9 July 2016

"Australasian Law Teachers Association (ALTA) Conference 2016": Videos are available to view here

Hosted by Victoria University of Wellington Law Faculty

Rebecca Kitteridge

3 June 2016

"Spotlight on Security" video

New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (NZSIS) Director, Rebecca Kitteridge

Cheryl Gwyn

4 May 2016

"Spotlight on Security" video

Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security, Cheryl Gwyn

Hon Sir Michael Cullen KNZM

28 April 2016

"Spotlight on Security" video

Hon Sir Michael Cullen KNZM

Professor Henrik Ringbom, Bevan Marten, Professor Hong Jun Shan

25 February 2016

"Maritime Law in the Asia-Pacific Region" video one & two

Professor Henrik Ringbom & Professor Hong Jun Shan

TPPA Panel

23 February 2016

"The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement – what lies ahead?" video

Meredith Kolsky Lewis, Professor Gordon Anderson, Carwyn Jones, Professor Susy Frankel

Professor Andrew Robertson

23 February 2016

"The Limits of Interpretation in the Law of Contract" video

Professor Andrew Robertson

Professor John Borrows

11 February 2016

"Learning from the land: Indigenous legal education in context" video

Professor John Borrows


José E Alvarez

7-8 December 2015

Symposium: "International Organisations and the Rule of Law: Perils and Promise" videos: one and two

Keynote speaker and commentator: Professor José E. Alvarez

Dr Virginia Mantouvalou

27 November 2015

"Third Biennial Labour Law Conference of the New Zealand Labour Law Society: Challenges of Regulating Future Labour Markets" videos: one, two and three

Professor Richard Boast

5 November 2015

"Landmarks: Entick v Carrington—250 years on" video

Professor Richard Boast QC, Anthea Williams, David Goddard QC & Douglas Ewen

Common Grounds Symposium - Petra Butler

22 October 2015

Symposium: "Common Grounds - New Zealand & América Latina" videos one, two, three and four

Justice Joe Williams

12 October 2015

"Landmarks: 40 years of the Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975" video

Justice Joseph Williams, in conversation with Kathryn Ryan

Sir Geoffrey Palmer

25 July 2015

"How Wellington was chosen to be New Zealand's Capital" video

Sir Geoffrey Palmer

Professor Doug Arner

2–4 July 2015

"2015 ANZSIL Conference: International Law-Making at a Crossroads: Participants, Processes and Principles" videos: one, two and three

Keynote speakers: Professor Douglas Arner, Sir Kenneth Keith, Professor Mary Keyes & Professor Gerry Simpson

Gary Born

5 May 2015

"Bilateral Arbitration Treaty Regime" video

Gary Born

Sir Geoffrey Palmer

16 February 2015

"New Zealand 's Defective Law on Climate Change" video

Sir Geoffrey Palmer


Jane Ginsburg

16 October 2014

"From Hypatia to Victor Hugo to Larry & Sergey: “All the world’s knowledge” and Universal Authors’ Rights" video

Professor Jane Ginsburg, 2014 New Zealand Law Foundation Distinguished Visiting Fellow

Thomas Stipanowich

30 September 2014

Listen to "International Mediation and Conflict Management: Near a Tipping Point?" Audio

Professor Thomas Stipanowich

Zhu Yan

28 August 2014

"Mass Torts in China – The ‘Sanlu’ Milk Powder Scandal" video

Dr. ZHU Yan

Clint Francis

22 August 2014

"Intellectual Capital Management: A Heuristic for Value Articulation" video

Professor Clint Francis

Professor Gerald Torres

28 July 2014

"Litigating Climate Change" video

Professor Gerald Torres

eric martinot

8 April 2014

"Renewable Energy Futures: Challenges for Law and Business" video

Dr. Eric Martinot

Stephen Kos

24 March 2014

"Constitutional Collision: Fitzgerald v Muldoon v Wild" video

Hon Justice Stephen Kós


Paul Walker

25 March 2013

"Rights, Wrong and Proportionality" video

Borrin Fellowship Public Lecture - Sir Paul Walker

Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers

14 March 2013

"The Supreme Court" video

Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers



25 June 2012

"Making the Case for a Bulletproof Arms Trade Treaty" video

CISG Advisory Council Meeting 2012 Wellington, New Zealand and AMINZ Conference. CISG Advisory Council Podcasts.