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Advancing Better Government though Legislative Stewardship

Date: 28–29 October 2016

Time: 8.30 am

Advancing Better Government though Legislative Stewardship

How do we design legislative and regulatory systems so that we can protect the interests of the future, including those of our 'future selves' and future generations?

Stewardship – active planning and management of regulation and legislation advice – is a statutory obligation for chief executives and, through them, the New Zealand public service.  This conference will bring together leading drafters, officials and academics to address “legislative stewardship” – not only what it is, but most importantly how we can all do it.

The first day of the conference will address the “what it is” question, with leading experts exploring the concept of legislative stewardship. The second morning will consist of a series of targeted “how to” seminars, workshopping the practicalities of law-making with the wider context of legislative and regulatory stewardship.

Confirmed presenters include Brenda King, First Legislative Counsel for Northern Ireland; Richard Wallace, Parliamentary Counsel Office, Prof Paul Rishworth QC, Crown Law Office; Miriam Dean QC, barrister; Prof Mark Hickford, Prof Geoff McLay, AProf Michael Macaulay, Victoria University of Wellington.

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