Faculty of Law

About Us

Victoria University and Wellington have a lot in common. They are both creative, diverse places, brimming with fresh ideas. If you are motivated to succeed, and you want to live and study in New Zealand’s creative, cultural and intellectual capital, Victoria is the place for you.

Cultural capital

Our capital city status means that Wellington is home to many national organisations and treasures found nowhere else in the country, including Parliament, Te Papa (the Museum of New Zealand), the highest courts in the country, the National Library, and the New Zealand Film Archive, as well as the highest concentration of science organisations in New Zealand.

Wellington offers something special. Our students can take advantage of the capital city’s position as central to New Zealand’s culture, creative arts and science endeavours, as well as the home of government and many international businesses. Wellington’s unique and compact character makes Victoria a great place to be a student—our students enjoy, and are a big part of, the city’s liveliness and its diverse, cosmopolitan feel.

Wellington's legal district

Our position in the legal decision-making district of Wellington means we offer students, staff and visitors a unique university experience.

With the courts and parliament as our close neighbours, we are at the centre of debate, analysis and dialogue about law and legal policy issues in New Zealand.

Victoria’s Faculty of Law plays an important role in the intellectual life of the capital city. It is located in the heart of Wellington’s legal and political district, next for to the Courts, Executive Government and Parliament. The vigorous and constant programme of conferences, public lectures and international visitors provides a stimulating and supportive learning situation.

Leading legal research

Victoria School of Law is renowned internationally and nationally for the quality of its faculty and of the scholarship they produce. Victoria's legal academics are acknowledged as leading thinkers in their fields. For our research students, this means working with supervisors who setting the terms of debate for law reform, and contributing to national and international debates about how to use law to shape the commercial marketplace, to improve the functioning of government, and to enhance the dignity of individuals and peoples.

In 2015, Law, a traditional area of strength for Victoria, maintained its world-leading position, being placed 45th in the 2015 QS World University Rankings. Law was among 11 subjects at Victoria ranked in the top 100 universities globally. It was also ranked number one in New Zealand for research quality in the New Zealand government’s 2012 Performance Based Research Fund Quality Evaluation. At the same time, Victoria University was ranked first among all New Zealand universities for overall research quality.