Certificate in Deaf Studies - Teaching New Zealand Sign Language


The Certificate in Deaf Studies: Teaching New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) is designed for fluent New Zealand signers, usually members of the Deaf community, who wish to train as sign language teachers. Classes are taught in NZSL, and learning materials are designed for Deaf learners. Watch a short video about this course in NZSL.

Students learn about the Deaf community and culture, the grammar of NZSL, and methods for teaching sign language. Learning activities in the course include lectures, discussion, practical tasks and assessments - mainly in NZSL.

Undergraduate information

The Certificate in Deaf Studies includes six courses:

Entry requirements

The course accepts up to 15 students each year. Students should be highly fluent in NZSL, and able to benefit from the course of study.

How to find out more

Contact the programme director, Dr Rachel McKee.