School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies

This information is for the 2014 academic year. See information for ALIN 302 in 2015.

ALIN-302 – Language across the Curriculum

Points:20Prerequisites:ALIN 201
Faculty:Humanities & Soc ScCorequisites:None
School:Linguistics & Applied LanguageRestrictions:None

This course looks at the learning and use of a second or foreign language across the curriculum. It focuses on both learning content though language and learning language through content. The major focus will be on vocabulary and discourse across the curriculum. 100% internal assessment.

Tuition Fees

2014: domestic $818.00     international $3,650.00

Set Texts

Course Book available at vicbooks. Approx $28.

Paul Nation and Peter Yongqi Gu. (2007) Focus on Vocabulary Sydney: NCELTR, Macquarie ($40.95)

Gibbons, P. (2002). Scaffolding language Scaffolding Learning. Portsmouth N.H.: Heinemann.    

Recommended Texts

Creating, adapting and using language teaching techniques. Available from vicbooks.

Vocabulary Resource Booklet, available from vicbooks. 

Trimester 2 2014

* indicates instructor is the course coordinator.

CRNFrom/ToDaysTimeBuilding [Campus]RoomInstructor
10213 14 Jul – 24 Aug 2014Mon, Fri1000 - 1050Alan MacDiarmid Building [Kelburn]106Stuart Webb
8 Sep – 19 Oct 2014Mon, Fri1000 - 1050Alan MacDiarmid Building [Kelburn]106

Course Outline Information

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