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Narrative Form

This is defined by Wirf-Brocks and Schwartz as:

Narrative are free-form text in paragraph format. A narrative describes the intent of the user in performing the use case, high-level actions of the user during the use case, and refers to key concepts from the problem domain that are involved in the use case.

The use case name must be stated as an action verb phrase. According to Wirf-Brocks and Schwartz the strengths and weaknesses of this form are:

Strengths Weaknesses
Good for high-level summaries and intentions

Can be implementation-independent
Easy to write at too high or too low a level

Not suitable for complex descriptions

Can be ambiguous about who does what

The use cases produced by the team at the Ministry of Economic Development for the RSM project are a good example of this form.

UC ID Area Source
104-124 Licensing Ministry of Economic Development (RSM ~ Licensing & Registration ~ Spectrum Management and Registration Technology)
125-131 Compliance
132-144 Management

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