School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies

AProf Paul Warren

Associate Professor
School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies

Phone: 04 463 5631
Location: Room 320, Von Zedlitz Building, Kelburn Pde, Kelburn Campus

AProf Paul Warren

Teaching in 2015

LING 223 - Language Learning Processes
Course Lecturer

LING 323 - Psycholinguistics
Course Coordinator

LING 423 - Psycholinguistics
Course Coordinator

BA(Hons) PhD Cambridge

Teaches courses in psycholinguistics (see his 2013 textbook Introducing Psycholinguistics, published by Cambridge University Press) as well as in language acquisition, and in phonetics and phonology. (For an interactive glossary of terms and other resources used in psycholinguistics, click here.)

Paul Warren's main research interests are in psycholinguistics and experimental phonetics. First, he has been involved in extensive research in spoken word recognition, with a particular focus on the interpretation of acoustic-phonetic cues and of naturally-occurring variation resulting from coarticulation and discourse-level factors such as informational status. Second, he has a long-standing interest in the relationship of intonation and sentence comprehension, an area which is the subject of his doctoral dissertation as well as of many recent articles and his edited volume Prosody and Parsing (1996, Erlbaum).

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Current Research Projects

Current projects include the New Zealand Spoken English Database and the SPOT project on the production of prosodic disambiguation of syntactic structure in a naturalistic game-task situation

  • SPOT
  • Intonation in Language Varieties
  • AuE/NZE intonation workshop