TJ Boutorwick

TJ Boutorwick

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Event type: Seminars

28 July 2017 from 4.00 pm - 5.00 pm 28th Jul 2017 4:00pm 28th Jul 2017 5:00pm


Speaker: TJ Boutorwick, LALS PhD candidate

Title: Learning between the lines: Optimizing ER for L2 vocabulary development  

Is more merrier?

Given finite time in the language-learning classroom, how can teachers ensure their students receive the best opportunities for vocabulary development? This talk suggests that reading supplemented with post-reading discussion facilitates vocabulary development to a greater extent than a traditional reading-only approach. The discussion will introduce latent semantic analysis as a means to analyze lexical development, as well as language-related episodes and their role in development. The seminar will thus be of interest to researchers and practitioners alike.