Tan Loc Nguyen

Tan Loc Nguyen

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Event type: Seminars

4 August 2017 from 4.00 pm - 5.00 pm 4th Aug 2017 4:00pm 4th Aug 2017 5:00pm


Speaker: Tan Loc Nguyen, LALS PhD candidate

Title: Pronunciation teaching in EFL classes at a Vietnamese university

How do Vietnamese tertiary EFL teachers teach pronunciation and what reasons do they give for their teaching decisions?

Recent research in ESL contexts has shown pronunciation teaching to be undervalued and often overlooked both in published textbooks and in teachers’ classroom practice. This is despite growing research evidence for the efficacy of appropriately structured pronunciation teaching and learning. The research reported in this talk seeks to extend research on this topic into EFL contexts, namely on EFL in Vietnam. Hitherto, no research of which I am aware has investigated the teaching of pronunciation in EFL classes of the Vietnamese tertiary context. In the talk, I will present the findings from the first of two phases of my research in which I investigated the pronunciation teaching practices in EFL classes at a Vietnamese university and the attitudes and beliefs of the teachers. I will conclude by outlining the way in which these findings informed a teacher professional learning (TPL) intervention which was carried out in phase 2 of the research.