School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies

School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies

The School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies is part of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and incorporates the Deaf Studies Research Unit, the English Language Institute and the New Zealand Dictionary Centre.

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Dec16SymposiumsDementia and Applied Linguistics Symposium
Date: 16 December 2015
Time: 9.00 am
Venue: TBA
The Applied Linguistics in Dementia Research Symposium will explore questions at the interface of applied… Read more

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9 November 2015 Marsden Fund grants for two linguistics academics
Two academics from Victoria University’s School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies have received Marsden Fund grants, totalling $880,000, for leading edge research projects. Read more
10 September 2015 BEdTESOL students
Teaching experience for students in the Wairarapa.  Read more
24 July 2015 Miriam Meyerhoff
Miriam Meyerhoff receives stakhanovite award from the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence “Dynamics of Language”.  Read more

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MA summer courses

Check out our MA summer courses:  Learner Autonomy & Learner Strategies, Language Curriculum Development, Language for Specific Purposes, Language Testing, Discourse Analysis, all with the option of face-to-face or distance study. Each course runs from November to February, with a two-week Christmas break.


Corinne Seals - Lecturer

"Our languages are forever connected to who we are, who we will be and where we come from."

Corinne's research centres around the connections between language and identity, as well as the politics associated with learning and using any given language at any point in time. Read more about Corinne.


Shota Mukai - PhD Student

Moving on to PhD study made perfect sense after finishing my MA in Applied Linguistics in LALS. Read more about Shota. 


WRIT Summer Courses 2015

Success at university depends on academic writing skills. Take WRIT 101 to advance your abilities to communicate, research, and persuade.   
Employers seek and reward effective writers. Enrol in WRIT 202 and advance your career through clear, concise and dynamic prose.
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Clement MacKay - BA student

Studying the humanities is fascinating, and has also armed me with knowledge that is applicable to the real world. Read more about Clement.  

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