School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies

School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies

The School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies is part of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and incorporates the Deaf Studies Research Unit, the English Language Institute and the New Zealand Dictionary Centre.

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21 November 2014 Linguistics in news
Linguistics in the news    Read more
10 November 2014 ELTO Africa
ELTO Africa  officials meet Prime Minister John Key after his address on security issues. Read more
5 November 2014 Second language learning second nature
Rosa Swanepoel has a knack for languages. The Victoria University Master’s student was born in… Read more

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Changes to the BA major in Linguistics from 2015

From 2015 the linguistics major at Victoria is expanding. We now offer a three-year programme to offer you more opportunities to explore the study of language and language use. Find out more about the new courses and the change to major requirements.


Evan Hazenberg - PhD student

Gender is such a central aspect of our identities, but the mechanisms of 'doing' gender can be difficult to research. Read more about Evan.


Tali Brassington-Crow - BA student

I value the increased understanding gained through exchanging different communities' languages, ideas and customs, as it extends cross-cultural communication. Read more about Tali.


Miriam Meyerhoff - Professor of Linguistics

My world is a beautiful Babel.
I started thinking about language variation when I moved to New Zealand at the age of six and I really wanted to sound "local". I love doing linguistic research – how we talk is about what’s in our heads and what's in our hearts. Read more about Miriam.

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MA Summer Courses

Check out our MA summer courses, all with the options of face-to-face classes or distance study:  Curriculum Design, Language for Specific Purposes, Language Testing, Discourse Analysis, and Learner Autonomy & Learner Strategies.