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Description of Service

ITS provides all students with a myVUW email account while enrolled at Victoria University of Wellington.

To access the myVUW email account, logon to the myVictoria portal and click on the ‘Student Email’ button.

The benefits of the myVUW email account include:

  • 10GB of email storage and Shared calendars
  • Instant messaging and online blogging tools
  • 25GB OneDrive online storage

All official email communications sent by ITS will be sent to the myVUW email account. If students wish to use an alternate account it is the responsibility of the student to configure their myVUW email account to redirect to an alternative address. Please see ‘Additional Information’ on how to ‘Forward myVUW Email to Alternate Address’.

Deleted myVUW emails are moved to the trash folder and you can retrieve them up to 30 days later.


All Students enrolled at Victoria University of Wellington have a myVUW email account

Access Request

All students are provided with a myVUW account on enrollment.

Availability & Support

  • Service Provider – Hosted by Microsoft and supported by ITS at Victoria University of Wellington
  • 8am to 5pm – Service available and fully supported – Enrolled students only
  • After Hours – Service available and supported for severity 1 calls only – Enrolled students only

Service Standards

Service levels and support commitments are outlined in the ITS Student Core Services SLA

Service Exclusions

Deleted emails that are no longer stored in the trash folder are not recoverable.

Cost of Service

The cost of this service is covered by the student technology fee included in the annual enrolment fees.

Additional Information