Information Technology Services

Contact Us

You can contact AV-Services via Resolve-IT to make a booking, log a request or for any other matter.

If you are teaching and require help urgently please ring the AV Hotline on ext 5475 (from a cellphone dial 04-463-5475)

Request Assistance

Rooms with permanent audiovisual systems provided by ITS have an internal phone which you can use to call the ITS Service Desk for immediate response via the 5475 extension. If you have problems with AV-IT equipment during your class ITS staff will be able to assess your situation and in many cases assist you over the phone for the most rapid resolution. ITS staff may also be able to access the AV systems over the network and assist remotely for a more rapid resolution.

To make an appointment for a one-on-one training session or for help with a specific problem you are experiencing please use the booking request form on Resolve-IT and select 'assistance', then fill in as much detail about the issue as possible.

Group training sessions are run in each trimester break and are advertised in Vic News.


AV-Services' equipment can generally be identified by a bright yellow sticker. If AV equipment is faulty or breaks down, please call us on ext 5475.

If you use the last spare batteries for a radio microphone please advise AV-Services immediately.

If you notice an AV system or piece of equipment is not functioning as it should, please notify the ITS Service Desk stating the location and nature of the fault.


AV-Services are responsible for the installation and maintenance of AV equipment in all centrally booked teaching rooms.

AV-Services are not responsible for cleaning, furniture or other fixtures in teaching rooms. 

Items we do not look after include: clocks, blackboards, whiteboards, pens, board rubbers, curtains, desks, benches, tables, chairs (or any other seating), lighting, air conditioning, chalk and dusters.

These are the responsibility of Campus Services. If you would like to report any faults regarding any of the above, or if you have any problems regarding these areas, please contact the FM Service Desk.

Make a suggestion

If you would like to suggest amendments to this website or can think of anything we might find helpful in enhancing our service please contact us via Resolve-IT.