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Access Grid - Getting Started

Access Grid - meeting organiser's checklist:

Here are some general tips and questions to ask yourself as a meeting organiser using Access Grid for the first time.

  • Do I know how to book the Access Grid facility at my local site (node)?
  • Do I know of other Access Grid nodes (NZ/worldwide) and if they will be available for the event?
  • Who are the organisers at the other participating sites?
  • Who are the technical support people at those sites?
  • What sort of data will we be sharing over the Access Grid?
  • Do I have any preferences about how I want my local room to be arranged?
Access Grid - presenters checklist:

Here are some general tips and questions to ask yourself as a presenter using Access Grid for the first time.

  • Which Access Grid nodes are taking part in the event?
  • Who is the meeting organiser/facilitator?
  • Do I know who my audience will be at the various sites and is my presentation appropriate?
  • Do I want to do anything that might prove difficult in an Access Grid context (e.g. use a whiteboard, show a demonstration, move around a lot)?
  • Are the slides well-designed, with clear titles, and a minimum of distracting special effects?
  • How will my presentation be shown to the other nodes? What are the restrictions using this?
  • Do I need to talk anything over with my technical contact?
Other important information:
  • Setup time: each Access Grid node requires 30 minutes to setup before a meeting.
  • Eye-contact: looking at the camera is ideal but not really practical - the technician will ensure that the appropriate video feeds from remote nodes are placed as closely as possible to the front camera(s).
  • Microphones: the (desk/ceiling) microphones are very sensitive and private conversations are easily picked up and heard by remote participants.  An on-screen-display indicates when the room microphones are muted or live.
  • There are various collaboration/presentation tools available - please discuss your requirements with a technician.
The technician will ensure:
  • That all nodes/operators are using the same version of the Access Grid software and collaboration tools and that these have been tested wherever possible.
  • That contact details of technical support staff at the other sites are available.
  • That other node operators are aware of contingency arrangements, e.g. multicast bridges.
  • That other sites can hear our site, e.g. without echo.
  • That all participants will be visible on camera.
You are now ready to proceed.

All bookings for AV equipment can be made using the online forms available through Resolve-IT