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Access Grid (discontinued)

News update:

Please note that no Access Grid bookings will be accepted for sessions occuring after 4th April 2014.

For security reasons the Government has set a dealine for all Windows XP machines to be removed from the university's network after this time. As Access Grid technology is reliant on an XP platform, it will no longer be possible to host this technology at Victoria University. Other alternatives (such as videoconferencing) will continue to be available.

Access Grid Technology

The Access Grid was a technology which provided high-quality audio and real-time video, allowing groups at multiple sites to interact simultaneously, sharing both data and information.

Access Grid was the network of Access Grid Nodes that supported group-to-group interactive communication across high-speed networks over the internet.

KAREN was the high-speed network used to facilitate these communication technologies in New Zealand and overseas.

An Access Grid Node was a room and communication system set up for collaborative communication with other Access Grid Nodes around the world.  The Access Grid supported large-scale distributed meetings, collaborative work sessions, seminars, lectures, tutorials, and training.

The University no longer has any permanent Access Grid facilities.

If you haven't participated, organised or presented in an Access Grid session before you should visit the 'Getting Started' guide before proceeding.

The alternative to Access Grid is to use videoconference technology. Please see the relevent section of this website for further information. Sessions can be booked via Resolve IT under 'Log a Request' (Forms)