Completing International Enrolment - Full Degree Students (Graduate and Postgraduate)

Congratulations on receiving an Offer of Place. We look forward to welcoming you to Victoria University of Wellington. As a graduate student you will need to complete your enrolment process in person after attending International Orientation.

attendINg international orientation

All new international students must attend International Orientation before enrolment can be completed. During the orientation session, you will be provided with comprehensive information on completing the enrolment-in-person process. You will also attend guided tours and sessions that will help you become familiar with the campus, its facilities and student services.

Your International Orientation date is stated on your Offer of Place. For more detailed information regarding orientation, including the location and time please check our website:



After attending International Orientation, you will begin the enrolment process. It is important to keep the day after your orientation free to give you enough time to complete your enrolment. We will inform you of the enrolment location and times during your orientation.

The Enrolment Process:

1. You will have your documents checked by International Admissions. We will check that you have:

  • Met all conditions stated on your Offer of Place
  • Have a valid visa to study in New Zealand
  • Have medical and travel insurance that meets the New Zealand government requirements

Please make sure that you bring the following things with you to enrolment: your passport, any documents that you need to submit as stated on your Offer of Place, and a copy of your insurance policy (in English) if you are planning to seek approval for a policy other than the University’s preferred provider, Studentsafe-University.

2. The next step is to select the courses that make up your degree/diploma programme. You will sign in to courses at your Faculty Office.

3. You will then complete your registration in to your study programme at the Enrolment Office (if you are a thesis student, this will be completed at your Faculty Office).

4. You will complete your enrolment by paying any outstanding tuition fees. Fees must be paid in full before your enrolment can be completed.

5. You are now enrolled. You can collect your VUW Student ID card from the Enrolment Office and begin your studies.


Useful FAQ's:


To find out more about orientation and preparing for your travel to New Zealand visit our Pre-Arrival Guide.