Applying for Study Abroad or Exchange

There are two stages to enrolling at Victoria University as an International Student:

Apply for Admission
into Victoria

This gives you an offer letter that will guarantee you into your chosen degree programme and allow you to pay fees and get a student visa.

Complete International Enrolment

At this stage you will enrol in the specific courses (papers) that will make your degree, attend orientation, and complete your registration with the university.


  • Study abroad students applying through a Study Abroad provider, e.g. AustraLearn, Arcadia, IFSA Butler, CIS, Education Abroad Network, AIFS do not complete the following process, as the application process will be handled by the Study Abroad provider on your behalf. Please contact your Study Abroad Provider directly with questions you may have about the process.
  • Study Abroad students applying through their home university must first discuss the application process with the home Study Abroad Office before submitting an application.
  • Exchange students must first be nominated to Victoria University of Wellington by the home university and submit an application through the home university Exchange/International Office. Visit our Study Aboard and Exchange site for a list of Exchange Partners.


Applying for Admission into VIctoria:

Step 1


When planning to study abroad it is important to plan well in advance. We encourage you to research the Victoria courses available during the trimester you plan to study at the university using the Online Course Catalogue. Some courses may have additional application requirements e.g. Creative Writing, Music, Architecture and Design.  Please contact Victoria International Admissions Team for advice.
We strongly recommend you discuss your proposed study plan with your Academic Adviser at your home university for credit transfer purposes before applying to Victoria University of Wellington.


Step 2


Complete all sections on the Study Abroad & Exchange Application Form, sign it and courier (we recommend that you use a tracked worldwide courier service) or mail your form and supporting documents to Victoria International by the Application Closing Dates. As a minimum, you must include:

  • A completed Study Abroad & Exchange Application Form with at least three course selections for pre-approval.
  • Full academic transcripts written in your original language along with the certified English translation.  The documents should be original or appropriately certified copies.
  • If your first language is not English you must also include supporting evidence of your English proficiency (Please note that test results, such as IELTS or TOEFL are only valid for two years).
  • A certified copy of your passport personal details.

Disability Support: If you have a sight or hearing impairment, injury or medical conditions that affects your learning, concentration or mobility, hearing, speech, or vision as there may be tailored assistance available at Victoria to enable you to reach your study goals. Please complete our Service and Support Form and return it to Victoria International along with your application for admission.

Once completed, submit your application by regular mail to:

P O BOX 600

Useful FAQ's:

Step 3


Once your application has been received by Victoria International it will be assessed. If your application is successful you or your study abroad provider/home university will be sent the offer letter and pre-arrival information by email, including your offer status and start date.

  • Undergraduate: normal assessment time is one week for a complete application.
  • Postgraduate: assessment times vary more for postgraduate applications as the acceptance decision is made at the Faculty level. The acceptance decision can take from two weeks - six weeks.




After your application has been assessed your Course Selection Form will be sent to the relevant Faculty for the pre-approval process. Once the Faculty has made a decision you or your study abroad provider/home university will be emailed an update from Victoria International.

It is important that you have at least three courses pre-approved. Pre-approval is based on whether you have the appropriate pre-requisites to get in to that course.

Note: If you do not complete the pre-approval process, there is no guarantee that you will be able to enrol in your chosen courses when you arrive in Wellington.



After you have received an unconditional offer of place and have been pre-approved into at least three courses you or your study abroad provider/home university will be sent an email inviting you to enrol online in the courses you have been pre-approved for. Your enrolment will be finalised during International Orientation week in Wellington.

Find out more about the enrolment process here.