Applying for a Student Visa

There are 2 ways for a new international student to apply for a student visa: Via Immigration New Zealand, or by using our campus based International Visa Office.

(Note: If you are seeking to renew you current student visa please click here)

Applying though Victoria International Visa office

International students can apply for a student visa through the Victoria International visa office if they meet the following conditions:

  1. They are already in Wellington at the time of application
  2. They currently hold a valid New Zealand visa (study, visit, or work)
  3. They are a full-time student, (unless in their final trimester of study)
  4. They are not currently under the Victoria University Academic progress policy.

(See below left for visa office contact details)

Please Note: Immigration New Zealand reserves the right to refuse applications submitted on campus and may request that you resubmit your application directly to the Palmerston North Immigration New Zealand branch.

If you do not meet all of the above conditions, you need to apply for a student visa directly with Immigration New Zealand.


Applying through Immigration New Zealand

If applying directly through INZ, you must use their Student Visa Application form, which can be downloaded from the Study Forms and Guides section on the INZ website at Please fill in this form and send your complete application to INZ, making sure that you include with your application all required documents - as listed on the form. Incomplete applications with any information or documents missing will be returned to you unprocessed.

Students submitting their application directly to INZ must include Police and Medical Certificates, if required, with their application.

Once your passport has been returned from INZ with your new visa, please take it to the Victoria International so that we can update our records.

Please courier your application to:

Student Processing Unit
State Insurance Building, Level 6
61-75 Rangitikei Street
Palmerston North 4440
Tel 0508 558 855       
Fax 06 952 7758

Enquiries made offshore should be directed to your nearest New Zealand Embassy or High Commission. For more information please visit

Want to work while you Study?
Full time international students can work part time while studying. Take a look at the Immigration New Zealand Study + Work Website to learn about work rules for international students and your working rights.