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Please see the individual Programme pages for student profiles. Here you will find information on current and previous postgraduate students and their thesis topics.

Undergraduate Student Profile

Hamish Crimp

Hamish Crimp

Current BA/BCom student

"I am currently completing a conjoint Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Commerce degree, majoring in History, Commerical Law and Human Resource Management. My decision to study History stems from a passion for New Zealand's past, and an interest in the people and events that have shaped who we are as a nation.

Victoria's History programme has exposed me to a vast array of competing ideas and opinions that have challenged many of my pre-existing assumptions about history, energised my interest in the past and provided me with a solid base with which to undertake future independent research.

The skills and knowledge I have gained whilst studying have also allowed me to engage with local history and participate in the wider Wellington community. For example, I have been given the opportunity to research and develop a series of historical interpretive panels for a community group."