School of History, Philosophy, Political Science and International Relations

Student Profiles

Please see the individual Programme pages for student profiles. Here you will find information on current and previous postgraduate students and their thesis topics.

Undergraduate Student Profile

Sophia Enright


Current BA student

"Philosophy scrutinises many prevalent issues within differing schools of thought, inspiring
students to adopt perceptive, creative approaches to contemporary problems."

 "Kia Ora, I am currently enjoying my Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Philosophy and Media. I chose to study Philosophy as I wanted to learn a more critical, discerning thought process, while being exposed to various new ideas and theories. Philosophy is a highly versatile subject, and the skills it teaches also complements many other reading and writing based subjects.

There are various different areas to choose from, including ethics, aesthetics, epistemology or logic. One of the best parts about Philosophy is the encouragement students get to engage in open discussion, bolstering analytical thought and creative new ideas.

Philosophy teaches fantastic skills through formal writing, critical analysis and adaptable approaches to concepts. It’s very empowering, learning how to conduct independent research and objectively approaching arguments while developing your own critical claims. Establishing these skills and getting used to a higher, conceptualised thought process is a great reason to take Philosophy."