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Student Profiles

Please see the individual Programme pages for student profiles. Here you will find information on current and previous postgraduate students and their thesis topics.

Undergraduate Student Profile


Rosie Moreton

Current BA student

"After University, I hope my History degree and my language skills will take me to the places where history comes to life."

"I initially wanted to take history in high school because of the teacher and how passionate she was about the subject; now I can understand why.

"I find it fascinating how the reverberations of isolated events in the past continue to influence today’s world. History is a continuous timeline of ideologies, regimes, events and people—we are just a point on this timeline, and will inevitably be history too. In this way, I think history helps us to acknowledge the past and appreciate the present.

"Social history really interests me; the way certain events impact on the people, and how social constructions change and adapt under different economic and political pressures. I am, however, learning that economic, political and social history are all correlated and affect each other in some way or another—but it is definitely the people and civilisations of the past that I want to learn more about."

Further student profiles can be found in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Handbook 2012 on pages 35 and 77.