School of History, Philosophy, Political Science and International Relations

This information is for the 2015 academic year. See information for POLS 316 in 2014.

POLS-316 –

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POLS-316 no longer exists

Set Texts

Bargh, Maria (ed) 2010. Māori and Parliament: Diverse Strategies and Compromises, Wellington: Huia Publishers.

Mulholland, M. and Tawhai, V. (eds) 2010. Weeping Waters: The Treaty of Waitangi and Constitutional Change, Wellington: Huia Publishers.

Te Kawa a Māui, MAOR 316/POLS 316 Māori Politics, Wellington: Victoria University. Available for purchase from Vicbooks in the Student Union Building.

Te Kawa a Māui Academic Writing Guide 2011 edition, Wellington: Victoria University. (NB: Earlier editions are not adequate.)

Recommended Reading

Durie, M., 2005. Ngā Tai Matatū. Melbourne: Oxford University Press.

Bargh, M., 2000. Resistance: An Indigenous Response to Neoliberalism, Wellington: Huia Publishers.

Durie, M. 1998. Te Mana Te Kawanatanga. Oxford University Press: Auckland.

Course Outline Information

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