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Philosophy is thinking in slow motion. It breaks down, describes and assesses moves we ordinarily make at great speed - to do with our natural motivations and beliefs. It then becomes evident that alternatives are possible.
John Campbell, Philosophers

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Philosophy tutoring

Every year the Philosophy programme runs tutorials in all of its 100-level classes and in some of its 200-level classes.

Tutors are typically, though not invariably, hired from among the Philosophy programme's senior students. Preference is given to thesis students. Offers of tutoring appointments are made primarily on the basis of academic merit, although the Philosophy programme also has regard to factors such as tutoring experience, and workload.

We do not guarantee that all senior students will be offered tutoring opportunities.

From time to time we hire casual teaching staff to lecture in Philosophy courses. Similar criteria to those applied in hiring tutors are used in selecting casual lecturing staff, though the Philosophy programme is typically more ready to go beyond its senior students in respect of these appointments.

Tutors and casual lecturing staff have their teaching evaluated as a matter of routine, and the result of those evaluations are to be available to the Head of Philosophy programme.

We normally require all tutors and casual lecturers to attend an introductory course on small group teaching or lecturing run by the University Teaching Development Centre (UTDC) as well as preparatory meeting about tutorials and assessment.

All tutors are expected to be familiar with the contents of coursebooks and lectures, and are for this reason encouraged to attend lectures. A tutor's exact duties are determined by negotiation but include some responsibility for marking assignments.

Where a course follows a formal tutorial programme, details of the programme are provided at the beginning of the course together with a copy of the coursebook.

To apply for a tutoring position please send in a letter of application, together with your CV to the Head of Programme, Prof Ed Mares,

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