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Prof Simon Keller

School of History, Philosophy, Political Science & International Relations

Phone: 04 463 9638
Location: Room 720, Murphy Building, Kelburn Pde, Kelburn Campus

Prof Simon Keller

Teaching in 2016

PHIL 104 - Minds, Brains and Persons


BA (Hons) BSc Monash
MA PhD Princeton


Simon Keller works mainly on topics in ethics, political philosophy, and metaphysics. He has published on questions about the ethics of special relationships, the nature of well-being, time-travel, love, distributive justice, Plato's philosophy of language, and disagreement about climate change. He began work at VUW in 2009, after previously teaching at Boston University and the University of Melbourne. He has also held visiting positions at Harvard University and Rice University. His book 'The Limits of Loyalty' won the American Philosophical Association Book Prize in 2009. He is a fan of New Zealand’s runners, Australia’s cricketers, and whoever wins the rugby. More information can be found on Simon's website.

Research Areas

Ethics, Political Philosophy, Metaphysics.

Selected Publications

  • The Ethics of Patriotism: A Debate, co-authored with John Kleinig and Igor Primoratz (Wiley Blackwell, forthcoming in 2015)
  • The Limits of Loyalty (Cambridge University Press, 2007)
  • Partiality (Princeton University Press, 2013)
Articles and Chapters
  • 'Worldly Citizens: Civic Virtue without Patriotism', in Gillian Brock (ed) Cosmopolitanism versus Noncosmopolitanism (Oxford University Press, 2013), pp. 239-254
  • 'Welfare as Success',Nous 4:34 (2009): 656-683.
  • 'Virtue Ethics is Self-Effacing', Australasian Journal of Philosophy 85:2 (2007): 221-232.
  • 'Four Theories of Filial Duty', Philosophical Quarterly 56:223 (2006): 254-274.
  • 'Patriotism as Bad Faith', Ethics 115:3 (2005): 563-592.
  • 'Friendship and Belief', Philosophical Papers 33:3 (2004): 329-351.
  • 'Welfare and the Achievement of Goals', Philosophical Studies 121:1 (2004): 27-41.
  • 'Presentism and Truthmaking', in Dean Zimmerman (ed.) Oxford Studies in Metaphysics Vol. I (Oxford University Press, 2004) pp. 83-104.


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