Sekhar Bandyopadhyay

Head of School School of History, Philosophy, Political Science & International Relations


Teaching in 2017

Research interests

Modern India, South Asia,Politcs, society and social change. Indian Diaspora in new Zealand; India-New Zealand Relations

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Office Hours

By appointment.


MA PhD Calc

Fellow of New Zealand Academy of Humanities

Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand

In 2014 Sekhar received 'Rabindra-smriti Puraskar' [Rabindranath Tagore Prize] for his book 'Decolonisation in South Asia'.

In October 2011 Sekhar was awarded a Marsden grant for his project, Dalits in the history of Partition in Eastern India.

Recent theses completed under supervision

Johnson Kukatlapalli, 'A Study of the Adjustment Experiences of Indian International Students in New Zealand Universities', PhD in Asian Studies (2016).

Esha Verma, 'Sindh in Transition: From Mughal Rule to British Annexation, Early Eighteenth Century to 1843', PhD (2016).

Ambalika Guha, 'Modernising Childbirth in Colonial Bengal', PhD (2015).

Ben Kingsbury, 'An Imperial Disaster: The Bengal Cyclone of 1876', PhD (2015).

Sabbaq Ahmed, 'Religious ideology and Muslim militancy in South Asia: selected case studies', PhD (2015).

David Weaver, ' The Parsi Dilemma: Perspectives of NZ Parsi Community', MA in Asian Studies (2012).

Adam McConnochie, '"The Blessed Land": narratives of Peasant resistance at Nandigram, West Bengal in 2007' MA (2012).

Sharmila Bernau, 'Imagining Community in Godzone - Hinduism and Identity Amongst Indians in Wellington: An Oral History Project,' MA (with Charlotte Macdonald) (2006).

Yoong Ru Heng, 'Communal Riots in Malaysia: The May 13th (1969) Incident Reconsidered,' MA (2004).

Theses in progress

Masum Billah, 'Unveiling the Politics of Land Law: Land Legislation and Poverty Nexus in Bangladesh'. (PhD in Law, commenced in 2014).

Nazima Parveen, 'Partition and Politics of Space: A Study of Muslim Localities of Delhi'. (PhD, commenced in 2013).

Sarah Pinto, 'Shackled Bodies, Unchained Minds: A Study of Insanity, Western Psychiatry and the Asylum Systems in the Bombay Presidency in the Nineteenth Century'. (PhD, commenced in 2013).

Research areas

  • social and political history of South Asia during the colonial period
  • caste system, identity formation and nationalist politics in India in the late nineteenth and the early twentieth centuries, with special reference to the Bengal region (eastern India)
  • decolonisation and post-colonial nation in India
  • Indian diaspora in New Zealand



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PDF copies of some of Sekhar Bandyopadhyay's articles