Kate Mcmillan

Senior Lecturer School of History, Philosophy, Political Science & International Relations


Teaching in 2017

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BA Canterbury

BA (Hons) VUW

PhD Auck


Kate McMillan is a Senior Lecturer in Comparative Politics. Her current research interests focus on the political participation of immigrants and emigrants; trans-Tasman migration and citizenship; people movements between NZ and ASEAN; media politics in New Zealand.

Grants and awards

2014-2017: European Commission grant; 2014: VUW FHSS Large Faculty Grant; 2013: VUW FHSS Large Faculty Grant; 2012: Knowledge and Expertise Exchange Europe-New Zealand Award, Lund, Sweden; 2010: European Centres Network Pilot Study Award;  2008: Fulbright New Zealand ‘Study of the US Institute’, University of Massachusetts, Amherst; 2008: Guest Scholar at the Centre for Comparative Immigration Studies at the University of California, San Diego.

Current research projects

  1. The electoral participation of non-citizens in New Zealand.
  2. The citizenship experiences of New Zealanders resident in Australia and New Zealand.
  3. The politics of the free movement of people in regional free trade areas.
  4. The electoral participation of immigrant minorities in New Zealand.
  5. New Zealand’s immigrant integration policies and outcomes in comparative perspective.
  6. People movements from ASEAN countries to New Zealand since 1975.

Selection of publications

  • McMillan, K, ''Fairness and the border around New Zealand's democratic political community' in David Hall (ed.) Fair Borders?  Migration Policy in the 21st Century, Bridget William Books, June 2017. http://bwb.co.nz/books/fair-borders
  • McMillan, K, 'From “the Commonwealth’s most dutiful daughter” to “young multicultural nation”: Non-citizen voting rights and New Zealand’s citizenship regime', in Jatinder Mann, (ed), Citizenship in a Transnational Perspective: Australia, Canada and New Zealand, Palgrave MacMillan, Politics of Citizenship and Migration Series, 2017 https://www.palgrave.com/gb/book/9783319535289
  • McMillan, K,  Affective integration and access to the rights of permanent residency: New Zealanders resident in Australia post-2001, in Ethnicities, Vol. 1, Issue 1, 2017.  
  • McMillan, K and Hood, A. 'Report on Citizenship Law: New Zealand', EUDO Citizenship Observatory, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies in collaboration with Edinburgh University Law School C Badia Fiesolana, San Domenico di Fiesole (FI), Italy, 2016.
  • Barker, F. and McMillan, K. Access to Electoral Rights: New Zealand'', EUDO Citizenship Observatory, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies in collaboration with Edinburgh University Law School C Badia Fiesolana, San Domenico di Fiesole (FI), Italy, 2016.
  • McMillan, K, Relations and Relationships: 40 years of People Movements from ASEAN to New Zealand Wellington: Asia New Zealand Foundation.
  • McMillan, K. 'Mapping forced migration in the Asia-Pacific' Public Lecture to the National Library, 21 April 2016.
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Conference papers and public talks 2014-2015

  • McMillan, K, 'Free movement of skilled labour within the ASEAN Economic Community: What the AEC can learn from the TTTA and the EU experience', The EUAPS Annual Conference, University of Korea, Seoul, June 2015.
  • McMillan, K. 'The Future of Citizenship in Australasia', Paper presented at the International Studies Association Conference, Toronto, 26-28 March, 2014.
  • McMillan, K. and Barker, F. 'The Electoral Participation of Migrants', Invited presentation to the Electoral Commission Conference 'Valuing Our Vote', Grand Chamber, Parliament Buildings, May 29, 2014.
  • McMillan, K. 'We still call Australia "home": official and affective belonging among New Zealanders resident in Australia', Paper  presented at the Comparative Migration Policy and Politics Pre-APSA Workshop,  Australian Political Studies Association, University of Sydney, September 28-October 1, 2014.
  • McMillan, K. 'Advancing the Status of Women in Political Science', Invited presentation at the Australian Political Studies Association, University of Sydney, September 29 September, 2014.
  • McMillan, K. 'Immigrant ‘integration': How does New Zealand compare?', Invited presentation to the Multiculturalism in New Zealand symposium, hosted by University of Otago, 10 November 2014.
  • Barker, F. and  McMillan K. 'The Electoral Participation of Migrant Groups in New Zealand: Pilot Project and Work in Progress', Paper presented to the New Zealand Political Studies Association Annual Conference, University of Auckland, 2 December 2014.
  • McMillan, K. 'The Media's coverage of the 2014 election', presentation to the Victoria University of Wellington, 'Post-Election Conference', Parliament Building, Wellington,  4 December 2014.


Kate is interested in supervising students on the following topics:

  • Immigration and refugee politics.
  • Citizenship in New Zealand and abroad, including transnational citizenship.
  • New Zealand’s media politics.
  • Recent supervisions:  Ameera Clayton (Masters by thesis:  Immigrant Voting in NZ and UK); Phong Trang Nguyen (MIR, Vietnamese policies to protect labour migrants);  Miran Milosevic  (Masters by thesis: Immigrant integration in NZ and the UK); Joanne Young (Masters by thesis, Political Crisis Management); Stacey Kwant (Masters by thesis, Recognised Seasonal Employer Scheme, a model for development?); Toni Grace (Masters by thesis, Regional integration and freedom of movement in the Oresund region).

Administrative duties

  • Member of the HIPPI Equity Committee 2014.
  • Chair, HIPPI Equity Committee, 2013-2014.
  • Honours Coordinator, PSIR, 2013-2014.
  • Member of Academic Board 2011-2012.
  • Member of the FHSS Leave Committee 2006-2011.