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Dr Alexander Maxwell

Senior Lecturer
School of History, Philosophy, Political Science & International Relations

Phone: 04 463 6753
Location: Room 422, Old Kirk Building, Gate 3 Kelburn Pde, Kelburn Campus

Dr Alexander Maxwell

Office Hours

If the door is open, or by appointment.


  • BAS: University of California, Davis
  • MA: Central European University, Budapest
  • Ph.D: University of Wisconsin, Madison
Director, Antipodean East European Study Group

This scholarly society examines the peoples and cultures of Central and Eastern Europe.

Research Areas

  • The Habsburg and its successor states, particularly Slovakia and Hungary
  • National awakening in the Habsburg, Romanov, Hohenzollern, and Ottoman Empires
  • Everyday life in Europe, 1750-1950
  • Linguistic nationalism and the history of linguistic ideologies
  • The history of everyday life, particularly consumption and sexuality
  • The social history of clothing
  • History teaching pedagogy



I am very interested in supervising theses related to nationalism, ethnicity, social history of language, gender history, or the history of everyday life. I am best qualified to assist students working in European history, but am willing to supervise topics in other geographic areas.

Recent publications

Edited Volumes:
Articles / Book Chapters:
Pedagogical Articles:

Conferences organised

2015 Revolution and Repression in the Arab World 
2015International Norms and East European Nations (with Wenwen Shen) 
2014Ukraine: Historic Legacies 
2013The Czechs and their Neighbours 
2012Psychoactive Substances in European History and Culture, (with Richard Millington)
2012National Councils and Great Powers
2012Nationalism and Religion in Iran
2011Germanness Beyond Germany
2011Sexualities and Science in Eastern Europe, (with Henrietta Mondry)
2010National Bodies in Eastern Europe, (with Henrietta Mondry)
2010The ‘East-West’ Discourse: Symbolic Geography and its Consequences
2008Hungarians and Their Neighbors: Conflict and Nationality, (with Sacha Davis)
2008Polish Culture, Polish Experiences
2007Failed National Languages: National Languages through Historians’ Eyes


Post-graduate theses

Geoffrey Brown, 'Subcarpathian Ruthenia through Czech Eyes 1918-1938'. (Ph.D. in progress).
Matthew Vink, Self-Determination along the Austrian Frontier, 1918-1920: Case Studies of German Bohemia, Vorarlberg, and Carinthia'. (MA 2011).

Honours theses

Tim Smith, 'Kurdish Nationalism and Kurdish Oppression.' (Honours 2014).
Alexander Campbell, 'Poland Denied: the Political and Personal Failures of Alexander I at the Congress of Vienna, 1814-15.' (Honours 2012).
Rowan Johnson,'"Sorcery" in the South Seas: Folk Belief, Ecology and Conflict in Early Contact New Zealand'. (Honours 2012).
Zachary Kendall, 'Post-Trianon Hungary: The Politics of Democratic Denial'. (Honours 2011).
Matthew Vink, 'Changing Political Loyalties of German-Austrians in the Aftermath of the First World War'. (Honours 2011).
Ciaron Fleming, 'Tukhochevsky and the Purges of the Red Army'. (Honours 2011).
James Patterson, 'Konrad Henlein: Avid Nazi or Reconciled Czechoslovak? A Historiographic Analysis'. (Honours 2009).
Elizabeth Major, 'Milošević and the not so "Silent Majority": An Analysis of the Protagonists of the Serbian October 5th Revolution'. (Honours 2008).