School of History, Philosophy, Political Science and International Relations

Philosophy Seminars and Events

The Philosophy Programme hosts a regular seminar series during Trimesters 1 and 2 with papers presented by visiting speakers and academic staff from within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Victoria.  All are welcome to attend.

Justin Sytsma is the coordinator of the series for 2015.

Unless otherwise noted(*), all talks to be held Thursdays from 2.00 - 4.00 pm in Murphy 103.

Date Speaker and Topic
16 July Larry Temkin (Rutgers University), 'Rethinking the Good - A Small Taste'
30 July Jeremy Waldron (New York University), 'What have philosophers got against dignity?'
6 August Simon Keller (Victoria University of Wellington), 'Moral Blackmail: A User's Guide'
13 August* Jim Tabery (University of Utah), 'Understanding the Impact of Science in the Courtroom: The Case for Methodological Pluralism'
20 August Hannah Clark-Younger (Victoria University of Wellington/University of Otago), 'A Dynamic Logic of Commands and Questions'


10 September Edwin Mares (Victoria University of Wellington), 'Value Revision'
17 September* Jonathan Weinberg (University of Arizona), 'A Critical Defence of Local Debunking and Ethics'
1 October PhD Student Presentations
8 October PhD Student Presentations
15 October Tim Bayne, (University of Manchester), TBC

* Video conference.

** Video Conference

Public Lectures

Thinking Critically about Climate Change

Date: 16 October 2015

Time: 11.00 am

Venue: Lecture Theatre 205, Hugh MacKenzie Building, Victoria University of Wellington, Kelburn Parade

Silhouette of man holding map of world above his headAssociate Professor Stuart Brock and Dr Rhian Salmon invite you to join their students in a public lecture on thinking critically about climate change. Rhian Salmon will talk about the science, and the scientific evidence for the effects of, climate change. Stuart Brock will talk about how rational individuals should respond to that evidence, why many otherwise reasonable people are doing nothing about climate change, and what they could do if we want to make a difference.

Stuart Brock is an Associate Professor in the School of History, Philosophy, Political Science and International Relations at Victoria University. His teaching and research in Philosophy includes critical and logical thinking, and irrationality.

Rhian Salmon is a Senior Lecturer in the Science in Society group in the Faculty of Science at Victoria University. She has a PhD in atmospheric chemistry and has worked for the British Antarctic Survey as a scientist and communications coordinator. She now carries out research and teaching into effective public engagement with science.

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