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Philosophy Seminars and Events

The Philosophy Programme hosts a regular seminar series during Trimesters 1 and 2 with papers presented by visiting speakers and academic staff from within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Victoria.  All are welcome to attend.

Justin Sytsma is the coordinator of the series for 2015.

Unless otherwise noted(*, **), all talks to be held Thursdays from 2.00 - 4.00 pm in Murphy 103.

Date Speaker and Topic
12 March Frank Jackson (Australian National University), 'Perception and Language'
13 March Frank Jackson (Australian National University), Maurice Goldsmith Lecture: 'The Implementation Problem in Ethics'
17 March David Ripley (University of Connecticut), 'Setting the Bounds'
19 March Suzy Killmister (University of Cnnecticut), 'Two Concepts of Dignity'
26 March Kim Sterelny (Australian National University), 'Cumulative Culture and the Evolution of Language'
2 April* Elijah Millgram (University of Utah), 'Who was the Author of Nietzsche's Zarathustra?'


23 April Nick Agar (Victoria University of Wellington), 'Supervenience, Copying and Personal Identity'
30 April Justine Kingsbury (University of Waikato), 'The Limitations of Evolutionary Aesthetics' 
7 May Don Locke (Victoria University of Wellington), 'A Quick Sketch of a Theory of Consciousness'
14 May Justin Sytsma (Victoria University of Wellington), 'The Bodily Conception of Pain'
21 May** Audrey Yap (University of Victoria), TBA
28 May Greta Snyder (Victoria University of Wellington), 'Microagressions, Recognition Theory and Structural Inequality: Toward a deeper understanding of the relationship between economics and culture'

* To be held on Thursday from 4.00 - 6.00 pm in Old Kirk 301.

** Video Conference


Society for Philosophy & Culture: International 'Mind, Body and Self' conference

Date: 24–26 July 2015

Time: 6.00 pm

Venue: Memorial Theatre, Student Union Building, Kelburn Campus

The Society for Philosophy & Culture has organised an international conference to be held at Victoria University of Wellington on 24-26 July 2015, on the topic of Mind, Body and Self.

The Society has branches at Victoria University and McMaster University, Canada, and encourages cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary debate and discussion.

Conference organiser, Victoria University’s Associate Professor Dr Jay Shaw of the School of History, Philosophy, Political Science & International Relations, says the conference will assemble as many points of view as possible.

"By sharing the opinions of each field, our goal is to illustrate the interrelation between the different areas of expertise and promote a more encompassing vision of the topic."

The Mayor of Wellington, Celia Wade-Brown will open the conference on the evening of Friday, 24 July at the Memorial Theatre, Student Union Building, Kelburn Campus.

A dinner afterwards will be provided free of charge by the Society, as well as lunches and morning and afternoon teas during the weekend. Attendance is also free.

The academic sessions will be held on Saturday 25 July as well as on Sunday 26 July from 10 am to 6 pm in the Murphy Building, rooms 631 and 632.

Call for papers

Submissions for the conference are invited from scholars of all disciplines by 28 June. For further information, email: or visit the Society's website.


The Society has also recently announced a new $500 scholarship for Master's students in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences or the Faculty of Science's School of Psychology.

The scholarship is for those who have recently completed their thesis, or who are about to. Priority will be given to those of an interdisciplinary nature.

Applications for the scholarship close on 31 March 2015. For further information, visit Society for Philosophy & Culture J.L. Shaw Thesis Award.

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