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The Role of Academic Supervisors

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FGR Guide to Supervision

Please read our main page on supervision (from the section of the website written for students)

The page outlines the responsibilities of both students and supervisors and provides advice on the supervisory relationship.

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The Supervisory Team

You will be part of a supervisory team. Roles and responsibilities within the supervisory team.

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PhD Regulations and Guidelines

Your role as a supervisor will require you to be familiar with the PhD regulations, guidelines and administrative requirements and to advise students where appropriate. The following pages on the student section of the FGR website contain important information:

See also the PhD Policy and PhD Procedures.

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Successful Working Relationships with Students

Good communication and mutual trust and respect are essential for productive working relationships between supervisors and students. You will need a sympathetic ear.

You will also need to devote time and energy to the task of supervision. For this reason, you should not have too many students at one time.

Although you cannot guarantee your student’s success, you should have a close interest in their research and a commitment to facilitating its timely completion.

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Enquiries from Prospective Students

Prospective students may approach you about doing a PhD. Read our guide to the PhD admission process.

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Start Dates for New Students

Once a student has accepted their offer of a place at Victoria, they are asked to contact their supervisor to agree on a start date for their PhD. The University has clear expectations regarding start dates.

Please read our guide to start dates from our pages for prospective students.

Deferring a Student's Start Date

It may be possible to extend the period within which the University expects students to begin their studies. Note that any deferral may have scholarship implications.

If a student wishes to defer the start of their PhD, please explain the circumstances to the Scholarships and PhD Admission Manager, who will liaise with the school over start dates.

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You will need to be open to the possibility of your students undertaking interdisciplinary research.

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icon-pdf Interdisciplinarity in PhDs (FGR guidelines) 176 KB PDF

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Statistical Advice

If your student’s research project involves statistical analysis of experimental or survey data, you must ensure that they receive proper statistical advice at an early stage of planning their research.

The School of Mathematics, Statistics and Operations Research (MSOR) offers a number of undergraduate and graduate courses in applied statistics.

School of Mathematics, Statistics and Operations Research website
MSOR's statistical consulting service

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Appointing Examiners

It is the responsibility of supervisors to help select examiners. See our page on appointing examiners.

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Supporting the Student

Without compromising a student’s privacy, you should attempt to keep yourself informed of the range of factors that may have a bearing on the timely and successful completion of the thesis. Where necessary, you may refer a student to the appropriate support services.

Our support page for students contains useful information.

Supervisors should ensure that the administrative supervisor is informed of any problems that develop. Supervisors and administrative supervisors have a joint responsibility to advise the Associate Dean (PGR) and the student's home faculty office as necessary.

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Supervisor Absences from the University

If you will be away from the University for more than one month, you must make arrangements for supervision in your absence and inform the Head of School.

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Health and Safety

Please tell students about the University’s Health and Safety Policy.

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icon-pdf Health and Safety Policy 164 KB PDF

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Training for Supervisors

The Faculty of Graduate Research runs professional development training for supervisors.