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Upgrading from a Master’s Degree to a PhD

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Students wishing to upgrade to a PhD enrolment must:

  • be currently enrolled in a Master's by thesis at Victoria
  • be within 11 months of first enrolment for the Master's degree
  • not have submitted the Master's thesis for examination.

How to Apply

The supervisor must recommend an upgrade on the student's behalf using the School/Faculty PhD Approval Form below.

Please note:

  • students are not required to complete a regular Application for PhD Admission form
  • applications may be considered outside the three standard application rounds for PhD admission
  • students who wish to be considered for a Victoria Doctoral Scholarship must complete the PhD Scholarship Application Form.
Document File size File type
School/Faculty PhD Approval Form - Upgrade from Masters 236 KB .doc
PhD Scholarship Application Form 1.03 MB PDF

Additional Work

The student and supervisors need to agree in writing on the additional work to be undertaken. This document will form part of the application to be submitted to the SRC.

Criteria for Assessing Applications

In order to approve an application to upgrade from Master's to PhD, the School Research Committee must be satisfied that:

  • the student has the level of competence required for PhD study (including English language proficiency)
  • the student's Master's research can be extended so as to form a viable PhD project
  • adequate supervision is available (the supervisors of the Master’s thesis will not necessarily remain on the PhD supervisory team)
  • adequate resources are available for the student's research.

Date of Registration

Once the upgrade has been approved, the student will be deemed to have been provisionally registered for the PhD from the date of registration for the Master’s degree. The student will still have to satisfy the requirements for full registration.