Help with your PhD application

Read about preparing to apply and who to seek advice from before you apply to do a PhD at Victoria.

While it's not essential for you to discuss your research interests with an academic before you submit your application, you may find it helpful to do so.

Gathering information

To find out more about schools, the research conducted at Victoria and the interests of academic staff, you can visit schools' websites. A - Z list of schools.

Who to talk to

If you want to talk to someone about your research, you have two main options:

  • contact the Postgraduate Coordinator (PG Coordinator) of the school you'd like to study in for advice - the PG Coordinator will be able to recommend potential supervisors
  • contact an academic you think may be willing to supervise your PhD research (note that supervisors will be formally appointed following a recommendation by your school).

Initially, you may like to contact people by email. But you can ask to set up a meeting to discuss things in person. Contact details for PG Coordinators.

Preparing to talk to a postgraduate coordinator or potential supervisor

When you get in touch with either a PG coordinator or potential supervisor, you will need to give them some indication that you have the experience, ability and motivation to complete your research.

Be prepared to:

  • show them your draft application, completed as far as possible
  • tell them about your previous research
  • discuss your interests and possible PhD topics.

The next step

Having discussed your ideas, your next step is to make a formal application to the University to undertake a PhD. Read our detailed application information.

Note: Schools cannot approve PhD applications. Even though you may have found someone willing to supervise your PhD, your application will require the formal approval of the Faculty of Graduate Research (FGR).

The FGR will need to be satisfied of your ability. It will also need to be satisfied that the school has the resources to facilitate your research and the expertise to provide you with adequate academic supervision.