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Regulations Governing the PhD

Document File size File type
icon-pdf PhD Statute 97 KB PDF
icon-pdf PhD Policy 192 KB PDF
icon-pdf PhD Procedures 953 KB PDF

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Regulations Governing the Master's by Thesis

Document File size File type
icon-pdf Master's Thesis Policy 108 KB PDF

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FGR Procedures, Guidelines and Information

Document File size File type
icon-pdf Advice on the PhD Oral Defence 162 KB PDF
icon-pdf Before the Oral Defence of Your PhD Thesis 172 KB PDF
 Copyright Guidelines for Research Students n/a n/a
icon-pdf Cotutelle PhDs at Victoria 76 KB PDF
icon-pdf Format Requirements for Research Theses 121 KB PDF
icon-pdf Guidelines for examining creative work 290 KB PDF
icon-pdf Guidelines for including publications in a PhD thesis 315 KB PDF
icon-pdf Interdisciplinarity in Research Degrees 176 KB PDF
icon-pdf Minimum Resources Agreement 172 KB PDF
icon-pdf Principles for Developing Professional Doctorates 419 KB PDF
icon-pdf Procedures for Changes to Supervisory Arrangements 308 KB PDF
icon-pdf Responsibilities of PhD Supervisors 144 KB PDF
icon-pdf Students Transferring from Another University 85 KB PDF
icon-pdf Style Guides 153 KB PDF

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A Selection of University Statutes, Policies and Guidelines

Document File size File type
icon-pdf Academic Grievance Policy 164 KB PDF
icon-pdf Animal Ethics Policy 160 KB PDF
icon-pdf Applicants and Examiners of Higher Doctorates Guidelines 40 KB PDF
icon-pdf Conduct Policy 160 KB PDF
icon-pdf Graduation Statute 144 KB PDF
icon-pdf Health and Safety Policy 164 KB PDF
icon-pdf Higher Doctorates Statute 42 KB PDF
icon-pdf Human Ethics Committee Guidelines  108 KB PDF
icon-pdf Human Ethics Policy  268 KB PDF
icon-pdf Information Systems Statute 188 KB PDF
icon-pdf Intellectual Property Policy 224 KB PDF
icon-pdf Library Statute 224 KB PDF
icon-pdf Proof-Reading and Editorial Advice Policy 91 KB PDF
icon-pdf Recognition of Authorship Policy 40 KB PDF
icon-pdf Research Policy 188 KB PDF
icon-pdf Student Conduct Statute 256 KB PDF
icon-pdf Withholding of Theses Procedure 40 KB PDF

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