Faculty of Graduate Research

Progress Reports

Both PhD and Master’s by Thesis students must submit regular progress reports. PhD students submit their reports, called Candidate Development Plans, online, while Master’s by Thesis Students use a paper-based system.

Online reporting for PhD Students 

Every May and November, PhD students at Victoria must complete a Candidate Development Plan. These plans are part of the University's audit procedures, but also help to ensure that students receive quality supervision, make suitable progress with their research, receive access to resources and have plans in place for the subsequent six-month period. Where problems are identified, these plans allow for steps to be taken to resolve them as soon as possible.

Candidate Development Plans are completed online. Students will be notified by email when each reporting round opens; the email will contain a link to the online system.

Due Date

Candidate Development Plans are due in May and November each year.

Progress reporting for Master’s by Thesis Students

Master’s by Thesis students need to submit progress reports, too, but their reports are due at set points during their candidature. The first report is due after one month’s full-time enrollment (the “Confirmation of Master’s Research Proposal”), the second after 3 months’ full-time enrollment (the “Interim” progress report) and the last after 8 months’ full-time enrollment (the “Final” progress report). These deadlines are doubled for part-time students.

To access these forms, please click here.

What Issues Can I Raise?

You can raise any issues of concern to you. These might include:

  • the type or amount of feedback you get from your supervisor
  • financial support
  • library facilities
  • research resources
  • ... or anything else.

Take a step back and think about the progress you have made. What has been going well for you and what has not been going so well?

If you see problems emerging of any kind, it is best to be open about them in your progress report. The University can then work towards resolving them.

Issues of Common Concern

Issues raised in reports that are of concern to postgraduate students generally will be brought to the attention of the Faculty of Graduate Research.