Orientation information

Campus tours

Tours of the Te Aro Campus will be available to help you familiarise yourself with the campus. These take approximately 30 minutes and will start in the Atrium.

Tour times are:

  • Monday 27 February to Friday 10 March 11am - 1pm 

Understanding the timetable

The timetable is by 24 hour clock. The year is split into three trimesters.

These are displayed as follows:

  • Trimester 1 (T1 or 1/3)
  • Trimester 2 (T2 or 2/3)
  • Trimester 3 (A, AD or 3/3) Summer.

A= November to February (full semester)

AD= November to December (half semester)

The days are listed as follows:

  • M – Monday
  • T – Tuesday
  • W – Wednesday
  • R – Thursday
  • F – Friday

You will generally have courses in these locations:

  • VS – Vivian Street Building
  • WIG – Wigan Street Building
  • Some courses take place at Kelburn. It is important to check your timetable before heading to your first class.

Your first year courses have either studios, tutorials or sometimes both. After orientation you need to assign yourself to a studio stream. There will be multiple studio stream options to choose from, so it is important to choose a stream that works for you, especially if you are taking electives at other campuses.

Student administration

The Student Administration Office is located on the ground floor of Te Aro Campus (on Vivian Street). Student enquiries are welcomed from 9:30am–4:00pm Monday to Friday.

You can come see us with any questions you might have. Student Advisors are your first point of contact for things like admission requirements, degree planning, waitlisting, withdrawals, changing courses and transfer of credit from other tertiary institutions.

They also deal with enrolment, organise exams and maintain student records. More information can be found on the Student Administration section of this website.

The Associate Dean (Students) is also available for help with academic programmes and with any other issues which may prevent you from achieving your full potential at university. Appointments with the Associate Dean (Students) can be made at the Student Administration Office.

Health and safety information

For your safety and those visiting the campus we have a set of health and safety guidelines that you should follow. The Faculty’s Health and Safety Handbook can be found on all faculty computers:

  • R Drive:/Student Health and Safety Information

First year workshop

The first year workshop is located on Level 0, Vivian Street Building. You will have access to this during your first year before gaining access to the main workshop in second year. It is open for the entire campus opening hours, for students to use the extraction and workbenches. However, machinery cannot be operated without a technician present. Please refer to the signage for technical staff normal working hours.

Building access information

Trimester One and Two Monday–Friday 7.30am–11.30pm
Weekends and Statutory Holidays 9.00am–11.30pm

Check the front door signage for any changes as these are our official operating hours. The building is swipe card access after 5.00pm weekdays and during the weekend opening hours. More information can be found on the facilities section of this website.

Studio rules policy

Students are expected to maintain an acceptable level of cleanliness and tidiness in the studio as outlined in the Studio Rules Policy which is displayed in all studios.