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First-year Design Orientation

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Welcome to the School of Design

The following essential information relates to the commencement of the first year of your Bachelor of Design Innovation (BDI) degree.

Compulsory Orientation

Your orientation will be held on Wednesday, 25 February 2015 from 10am–1.30pm starting in Lecture Theatres 1 and 2, Level 1, Faculty of Architecture and Design, Te Aro Campus, 139 Vivian Street, Wellington.

This is your official introduction to the School of Design in preparation to beginning your studies and signing up for tutorials. It will provide valuable information and the opportunity to meet and greet your lecturers and fellow students. You are expected to attend.


To check the courses that you are enrolled in visit myvictoria. For first time users of myvictoria your login information can be found on your Offer of Study.

For more information please visit the School of Design.

Studio Stream Preferences

Your courses have two components; weekly lectures, and studios/tutorials. There may be more than one studio per week, so carefully check the timetable.

Studio stream signups will be available online via S-cubed after orientation. The S-cubed registration process will be explained during the first orientation session.

Allocations are done on a 'first in, first served' basis, with absolute limits on the number accepted into each group. To sign up you need access to your student ID number.


The materials and equipment list provided contains items that you are likely to need for your first year.

You may like to discuss with your tutors and course coordinators what is needed for each of your courses. The items required for each course will be listed in each course outline.

Immediately required for Basecamp (first two weeks)

  • Clutch pencil, clutch pencil sharpener, leads OR range of HB–6B / graphite pencils
  • Black drawing pens (variable line weights, from fine through to 0.6 Sharpie or Stadtler pigment liner)
  • Artist quality sketchbook i.e Moleskine (A5 or A4)
  • Steel rule – Celco 300mm
  • Craft knife
  • A4 cutting matt
  • Small pliers (with wire cutter)

Optional – but useful

  • Toolbox 400mm – G557 with insert utility tray
  • Technical flexi curve (40cm)

Workshop Safety Equipment Issue

During orientation you will receive modelling workshop safety equipment. This equipment includes a pair of safety glasses and earmuffs. There is no charge for these materials as it is included in your course fees.