Design orientation

Welcome to the School of Design

The following essential information relates to the commencement of the first year of your Bachelor of Design Innovation (BDI) degree.

Patterned black and green
Work for DSDN 101, Design Visualisation by Dash Vallance

Compulsory orientation Thursday 2 March

Your orientation will be held on Thursday, 2 March 2017 from 10am–1pm starting in Lecture Theatres 1 and 2, Level 1, Faculty of Architecture and Design, Te Aro Campus, 139 Vivian Street, Wellington.

This is your official introduction to the School of Design, and will provide valuable information about the year ahead. It also provides an opportunity to meet and greet your lecturers and fellow students. You are expected to attend.


To check the courses that you are enrolled in visit myVictoria. For first time users of myVictoria your login information can be found in your Offer of Study.

Studio stream preferences

Your courses have two components; weekly lectures, and studios/tutorials. There may be more than one studio per week, so carefully check your timetable.

Studio stream signups will be available online after orientation and the registration process will be explained to you during orientation.

To sign up you need access to your student ID number.


These materials can be purchased from any reputable art/ craft store. In Wellington we recommend:

Gordon Harris

The French Art Shop

Immediately required for basecamp (first two weeks):

  • Clutch pencil, clutch pencil sharpener, leads OR range of HB–6B / graphite pencils
  • Black drawing pens (variable line weights, from fine through to 0.6 Sharpie or Stadtler pigment liner)
  • Artist quality sketchbook i.e Moleskine (A4)
  • Steel rule – Celco 300mm
  • Craft knife
  • A4 cutting mat
  • Scale ruler

The following are required by the end of week two:

  • A4 Zeta paper
  • Eraser and eraser shield
  • Coloured pencils (small selection)
  • Circle template –Helix H67
  • Compass (metal with wheel)
  • Small pliers (with wire cutter)
  • Scissors

Optional – but useful:

  • Toolbox 400mm – G557 with insert utility tray
  • Technical flexi curve (40cm)
  • T-square – Taurus 500mm
  • Set squares 45' and 30/60' – Helix 320mm – one of each type

Adobe Creative Cloud Licence

We recommend all Architecture and Design students purchase an Adobe Creative Cloud licence. Sign up via: Adobe Creative Cloud

Students get a discounted rate. You need to supply your confirmation of study or a Student ID card to verify you are a student.

Computer recommendations

Operating system

Media Design courses in second-year and beyond are more focussed around using Mac computers.

First-year Design and all Architecture use PC computers running Windows 7 64-bit; new PC laptop computers should be purchased with this or later (64 bit versions recommended).

This really comes down to personal preference and what you’re used to, so go with whichever computer type and operating system you prefer. For Macs, Windows can also be installed to give you both options (do a web search for “Boot Camp” – and you’ll need to purchase a Windows licence).

Central processor (CPU), memory (RAM), and hard drive

Get as fast a processor and as much memory (8 GB or more), as you can afford – your laptop will stay usable for longer. Solid-state drives (SSDs) are recommended as they are faster compared to mechanical drives, but are more expensive for how much data they can store.

Get at least one external hard drive to back up to. If your files don’t exist in at least two places, they might as well not exist at all.

Graphics Card

If opting for a larger computer for better graphics/simulation/3D modelling, get one with a discrete or dedicated graphics card with its own separate memory (not an “on-board” or “integrated” one).


Regardless of whether you work on files on your own computer or on the Faculty’s network, it is absolutely essential to make your own backup copies of your work. External hard drives are the cheapest, easiest things to use for this. Cloud storage is great for synchronising files, but you should still make discrete, independent, backup copies of your files.

Faculty CAD/ Design computers

The Faculty of Architecture and Design has its own network of CAD/ Design computers - the Schools of Architecture and Design (SOAD) Domain network.

This network is separate from the University wide cyber commons and uses a different username/ password than the one to access myVictoria and/ or enrol.

Your username for the SOAD Domain is the same as your myVictoria username, and your default password is your student ID number. When you log in for the first time, you will be asked to change your password.

Workshop safety equipment 

During orientation you will receive modelling workshop safety equipment. This equipment includes a pair of safety glasses and earmuffs. There is no charge for these materials as it is included in your course fees.