Architectural Design Research Symposium Venice 2014

The Architectural Design Research Symposium was hosted by Victoria in 2014.

Venice Biennale

An event associated with the New Zealand exhibition at the 2014 Venice Biennale, produced by the School of Architecture Victoria University of Wellington.

Architectural Design Research Symposium event proceedings

The format for the symposium was based on short keynotes and roundtable discussion chaired by leading researchers: Prof Richard Blythe, Prof Nat Chard, Prof Murray Fraser, Prof Dorita Hannah and Prof Jonathan Hill and A/Prof Vivian Mitsogianni.


Familial Clouds Exhibition
Familial Clouds, Simon Twose, Venice 2013.

This symposium provides a forum to reflect on the emergence of research through design in the context of Architectural Education and Critical Practice. As articulated in recent publications and on the evidence of postgraduate activity around the globe, design as the primary vehicle for research innovation has entered a confident and mature stage.

What are the themes that emerge from this body of work? What tactics have evolved through conceiving design as the core research method? What are the "unique national features and mentalities that continue to exist and flourish"? (Koolhaas, 2013)

We invite stimulating presentations that address these and other questions from a range of perspectives that include:

  • Relationships between theory, history and research through the medium of design.
  • The contributions practice based research makes to knowledge.
  • Research through the medium of design in the context of the academy.
  • Methodology and tactics for design research.
  • Global versus local: regional identity and design research.
  • Exhibition, performance and design research.


The 2014 Venice Biennale and its theme of Fundamentals, provides a stimulating space in which to address these questions. This event is associated with the New Zealand exhibition at the 2014 Venice Architecture Biennale. The symposium will be held at the venue of the NZ exhibition, the Palazzo Pisani Santa Marina, Calle de le Erbe, Cannaregio.

Venice Map


The intent of the symposium is to maximise opportunities for discussion and debate over an intense 24 hour period:

Evening reception – Morning keynotes interspersed with Pecha Kucha presentations – lunch – afternoon round table sessions in small groups – panel discussion based on roundtable sessions– evening dinner.

Interested participants are invited to submit a 1000 word presentation and 6 images. These will be presented Pecha Kucha fashion and documented in a soft bound booklet that will facilitate discussion in subsequent round table sessions. After the symposium a research book will be produced by an international publisher. This will include all presentations, extended chapters by invitation and a documentation of the session and final panel discussions.

Key dates

Call for proposals 28 March 2014
Submission closes 23 June 2014
Notice of acceptance 21 July 2014
Final papers due 8 September 2014
Author registration by 6 October 2014
Reception 20 November 2014
Symposium 21 November 2014

Session chairs

Prof Richard Blythe

Prof Nat Chard

Prof Murray Fraser

Prof Dorita Hannah

Prof Jonathan Hill

A/Prof Vivian Mitsogianni


The symposium is curated and produced by the School of Architecture, Victoria University of Wellington.

Symposium Chairs: Jules Moloney, Simon Twose and Jan Smitheram

International Review Committee Chair: Jan Smitheram

Book Editors: Jules Moloney, Jan Smitheram and Simon Twose

Curator and Logistics: Nat Perkins

International Review Committee:

  • Professor Penny Allan
  • Brent Allpress
  • Professor Richard Blythe
  • Professor Iain Borden
  • Dr Simone Brott
  • Associate Professor Pia Ednie-Brown
  • Professor Stephen Cairns
  • Professor Erik Champion
  • Professor Nat Chard
  • Associate Professor Peter Connolly
  • Professor Peggy Deamer
  • Dr Hélène Frichot
  • Professor Dorita Hannah
  • Professor Jonathan Hill
  • Associate Professor Michael Jasper
  • Dr Ross Jenner
  • Professor Sandra Kaji-O'Grady
  • Derek Kawati
  • Sam Kebbell
  • Associate Professor Hannah Lewi
  • Chris McDonald
  • Guy Marriage
  • Dr Diane Menzies
  • Associate Professor Vivian Mitsogianni
  • Professor Jules Moloney
  • Dr Helen Norrie
  • Dr Ceridwen Owen
  • Nat Perkins
  • Antony Pelosi
  • Associate Professor Juliana Preston
  • Dr Katrina Simon
  • Dr Jan Smitheram
  • Dr Michael Spooner
  • Professor Kerstin Thompson
  • Dr Igea Troiani
  • Associate Professor Sarah Treadwell
  • Simon Twose
  • Professor Paul Walker

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