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Enrolment and Fees Payment

How do I enrol?

It is possible to enrol in most courses online. For specific enrolment enquiries visit the enrolment webpage or contact the Enrolment Office:

E-mail: address
Phone:  04 463 5250
0800 842 867

You cannot enrol online if:

  • you are an international student beginning postgraduate study
  • you are applying for an exchange programme
  • you are applying for thesis-based study.

If you are ready to enrol online, visit the Online Enrolment page.

Student advisers at the Faculty of Architecture and Design Student Administration Office on level 1 Te Aro Campus can help with specific enquiries regarding course selection.

How do I Pay My Fees?

You can pay your fees in a number of ways. More details are here.

Adding or Withdrawing Courses

How do I add or withdraw from a course?

To make any changes to your course of study, you will need to visit the Faculty Student Administration Office and complete an Add/Drop form.

How long do I have to add a course?

As a general rule, you must add courses by the end of the first week of the trimester. Courses can only be added in the second week of a trimester with the approval of the Associate Dean (Teaching, learning and students). Courses may not be added after the end of the second week of a trimester, except in exceptional circumstances, and with the approval of the Associate Dean (Teaching, learning and students).

How long do I have to withdraw from a course?

Courses may be dropped with a full fees refund during the first two weeks of a regular trimester (special dates apply in the summer trimester). After this, you can withdraw from a course taught over 12 weeks up until the 9th week of classes. The course will not be recorded as a fail but you will not receive a fees refund. If you are withdrawing by means of an Add/Drop form, no staff signatures are required.

Once the 9th week is over, withdrawals are possible only with the permission of the Associate Dean (Students) and only if the conditions below are met:

  • you have been achieving well enough to pass the course
  • your withdrawal request is due to unexpected circumstances which arose after the withdrawal deadline.

You must complete a Late Withdrawal Form which is available at the Faculty Student Administration Office.

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Degree Planning

How do I plan a degree?

Course and degree advice is available from our student advisers located at the Faculty Student Administration Office. The advisers will help you make informed decisions for planning courses at any stage of your degree.

How do I know how many more points I need for my degree?

This is called a degree audit. Come to the Faculty Student Administration Office and ask a student adviser to audit your degree for you. This is also done automatically at mid-year for all final year students, and then again at the end of the year. You can also complete a self audit by using the MyQual tab on myVictoria.

How do I change my degree or specialisation?

To change your degree or specialisation you need to get an Add/Drop Form from the Faculty Student Administration Office. Your completed Add/Drop Form must be signed by a Faculty Office staff member.

If you are considering changing your degree or specialisation you should first discuss your options with a student adviser.

How do I apply for credit transfer?

To apply for recognition of prior learning from another tertiary institution to use towards your Victoria University qualification please provide the Faculty Student Administration Office with an original or certified copy of your academic transcript. A student advisor will assess this record for credit transfer and notify you of the outcome.

How do I apply for an exemption from course prerequisite / degree regulation?

If you are applying for an exemption from a prerequisite or corequisite, complete an Application for Exemption Form and take this to the relevant course coordinator for approval. Return the completed form to the Faculty Student Administration Office for processing. If you are applying for an exemption from a specific course requirement, or permission to substitute an approved course, also take the completed form to the Faculty Student Administration Office.

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Attendance and Submission of Assignments

Where do I hand in my assignment?

Your lecturer/tutor will notify you where to hand in your assignments. Assignments may be handed in via the hand-in box outside reception or in the R:Drive:/hand-ins.

What do I do if I am unable to get my assignment in on time?

You are responsible for getting your assignments and projects in on time unless you have any special circumstances. If you have a special circumstance will need to speak to your Course Coordinator as soon as possible. In an emergency, or if you are unable to contact the Course Coordinator, please contact the Faculty Student Administration Office.

An Application for Extension of Time can be downloaded from http://www.victoria.ac.nz/fad/pdf/extension-application-form.pdf.

What do I do if I am sick and unable to attend class?

We recommend you see a doctor and get a medical certificate. This will cover your attendance and will allow you to apply for an extension if needed.

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Critical Review

The School has a long tradition of providing critical review of student work as it progresses especially in design projects. This is part of feedback for learning purposes. Such reviews must not be misunderstood as indicators of standards and they are different from assessment. Students have a responsibility to attend critical reviews at the appointed time as part of the learning process. Review panels are often composed of internal and external members for the appointed times and cannot be re-composed to consider late submissions. Consequently late work will not receive a critical review, though it will be assessed subject to any penalties as set out below.

  • Critical Review: May take place during the development phases of a project as well as at the time of the final submission. Its purpose is to identify strengths and weaknesses in the work and to offer suggestions to generally encourage the student. An encouraging critical review does not necessarily mean a good assessment result.
  • Assessment: May take place at a stage in a project or on final submission (or both). Its purpose is to assess the work in terms of the objectives stated in the handout and to express this as a grade. Moderation of all assessment in design is undertaken at the end of the Trimester after critical reviews, involving a wider group of staff than the immediate lecturers in the course. This process ensures fairness.

For the School of Architecture only – All work submitted for assessment must be accompanied by an ASSESSMENT DECLARATION FORM.

All grades posted during this course are only provisional results until confirmed by the School Examiners Committee which meets after the examination period.

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Technical Problems

For help with technical problems please contact the technical staff.

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Materials and Equipment

Students will need to provide all materials and equipment as necessary for the completion of required work.

It is recommended that you have your own laptop although computer facilities are available at the School.  If you are purchasing a laptop and would like information on the minimum requirements please contact the Student Administration Office.  While digital cameras are available at the school, it is also recommended that students consider purchasing a simple digital camera (3.2mpxl minimum).  Note: The Student Loan, administered by StudyLink, allows students to claim up to $1000 for course related costs for each year of study.

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Examinations and Graduation

More information regarding aegrotats, student ID for examinations and sitting examinations at another time or place are available here.

Master's Thesis Examination Procedure

You can download the Master's Thesis Procedure PDF here (235 KB)

You can download the Supervisor's Supervisor Commentary Examiners Report form here (docx, 117 KB)

You cqn 

How do I apply for a reconsideration of assessment?

Examination scripts or written items of assessment can be reassessed. You should consult with the relevant course coordinator as a first step. If this does not lead to a resolution a formal application for reconsideration can be made. Complete the Application for Reconsideration of Assessment/Examination Script Form and send or deliver it to the Faculty Student Administration Office for processing. The fee is $40 per course.

Reconsideration cannot lead to a lower grade. If the reconsideration does result in a higher grade the $40 fee will be refunded.

Note: Any attempt to submit work which has been changed for reconsideration after being returned to you will be treated as misconduct under the Student Conduct Statute.

How do I apply for graduation?

Once you have completed your qualification you will be sent an email about the graduation process. The email will give you instructions on how to apply to have your qualification granted. It is important to keep your contact details in Student Records up to date to ensure you receive this email. Update your contact details by accessing your my victoria account at www.myvictoria.ac.nz.

You may apply to graduate in person at a graduation ceremony or in absentia (you do not attend) at a meeting of the University Council. You must apply within 12 months of completing your qualification to attend either a graduation ceremony or graduate in absentia at a council meeting. Your qualification will be granted in absentia if the Graduation Office does not hear from you within the 12 months.

For more information visit the graduation website.

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Where Can I Find out More?

Timetable information on lectures, tutorials, and studio times?

Timetable information for courses taught at the Faculty of Architecture and Design can be obtained here.

What are the key University dates and times?

Victoria's home site contains approved dates and deadlines for trimesters, withdrawals and holiday breaks.

Where can I find the University policy information for students?

Students should familiarise themselves with the University's Student Policies and Statutes. You should particularly note the:

  • Academic Grievance Policy
  • Academic Progress Statute
  • Student Conduct Statute and the Staff Conduct Policy (an outline of right to report improper staff conduct)
  • Meeting the Needs of Students with Impairments.

Other Information

Students also need to be aware of Victoria's Plagarism Rules.

Every effort is taken to inform students of the support and services offered by Victoria. Take some time to familiarise yourself with these services and remember to ask questions if you are unsure.