Faculty of Architecture and Design


Student seminar: Peculiar Practices - Crits and Criticism

Date: 4 April – 4 May 2016

Time: 3.00 pm

Imagine you're a neuroscientist, dropping in on an architectural crit. What on earth is going on? How can a group of people—some from the other side of the world—walk into a room, look at a bunch of crazy stuff and start talking about deep philosophical texts, art house movies, structural solutions and manhole covers? And why on earth are they doing it?

Professor Kester Rattenbury, writer, teacher and journalist looks back and forwards through her career at the untheoretical side of the criticism so important in teaching and practice: what it's for, how we do it, and wonders what's happening to it in the digitised, financially driven and risk-schizophrenic world of today.

From professional journalism to crazy teaching projects; from the Supercrit series, which brought some of the worlds best architects back to school to be grilled by their peers, to the booming academic world of RMIT's PhD by Practice, she explores the workings of one of architectures most idiosyncratic, precious, and maybe threatened, ways of working.

Location: VS3.01

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