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The Exchange Application Process & Timeframe
Courses at the host university
Postgraduate Exchange
Host University Dates
Cost of your Exchange
Enrolling as an exchange student
VILP and Vic OE grants

Working while on exchange
Grades and credit transfer process


The Exchange Application Process & Timeframe

How likely am I to be accepted for exchange?
You will be notified of the outcome of your application for Vic OE once the deadline has passed and all applications received. Please check our eligibility requirements to ensure you meet these. Remember we are looking for academically strong candidates who demonstrate qualities of being a good ambassador for Victoria and for New Zealand. Candidates must be academically and emotionally prepared for exchange.

Applicants are selected and nominated for their host university at Vic OE's discretion. Once Vic OE has nominated an applicant, the final decision of acceptance rests with the host university.

Will I be accepted by my host university?
We nominate students to universities to which we believe you have a high chance of being accepted. If we believe that your selection of university is not appropriate for you, we will discuss other options with you. We cannot however guarantee that you will be accepted by the host university.

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Courses at the host university

How do I find out what courses/subjects different universities offer?
Investigate the courses/subjects that are offered at the university you are interested in by looking at their website. Some key ways to find this information is searching their website for the 'course catalogue' (or 'course catalog' in North America), 'course information,' or by looking on their Faculties websites. Bear in mind that many universities don't release their course catalogues until very soon before the semester begins, so it is best to use previous years' catalogues as a guide.

The university I am applying for doesn't have the new course catalogue available yet.
Many universities don't release their course catalogues until very soon before the semester begins, so it is best to use previous years' catalogues as a guide. Therefore it is often a good idea to have extra courses (back-up options) approved by your Faculty during the Exchange Contract process than you plan on taking.

What courses can I take when I'm on exchange?
There are some courses that you must complete at Victoria and are not able to take on exchange, look at your Faculty section on our website or ask your School or Faculty to clarify. You must take at least half of your 300-level core courses at Victoria. See below also.

How do I know which courses overseas will equate to my Victoria courses/points?
It is up to the student to investigate the courses offered at the host university and think about how these can fit into your degree. The best place to find this information is on the host university's website. In order to cross-credit specific courses or to receive general points you will need to provide course outlines and as many details as possible (which Vic course it is equivalent to and why you believe so, the number of taught hours) to your School and Faculty when you go through the exchange contract process. Ultimately, it is the School's and Faculty's decision to approve the transfer of your courses, not the exchange office.

Can I change my courses while I am on exchange?
Yes, but you MUST receive approval from your School and Faculty at Victoria for all changes made to your exchange contract. It is to your advantage to seek approval for these courses before you commence your exchange to ensure that you will receive appropriate credit. You must forward the appropriate approval for any approved changes from your School and Faculty to the Exchange Office.

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Postgraduate Exchange

Can postgraduate students go on exchange? What about MBA?
Students who are doing course-taught postgraduate study (Honours or Masters) may be able to participate on an exchange, however this is at your Faculty's discretion, so please discuss this with them. Not all of our partner universities are available for postgraduate study. Please contact the Exchange Office for more information.
MBA students are also eligible for exchange, and tend to go in their last year of their MBA. See our MBA brochure to see which partners are available for MBA exchanges and find out more information. You may wish to discuss your planned exchange with Natalie Stevens, MBA Director, email


Host University Dates

The semester dates at the host universities are quite different; can they fit into my VUW schedule?
Most northern hemisphere universities run from September until December for the first semester. Their second semester begins in January and finishes around May. This means either way you can go on exchange and be back in time for VUW trimesters. If examination dates at the host university overlap with a VUW trimester, please contact your professors at both institutions. You may need to organise early examinations or catch up sessions.


Cost of your Exchange

How much will my exchange cost?
You are responsible for your normal Victoria fees (60/45 points per trimester), as well as: travel; accommodation; insurance (as required by your host university), materials/books; and personal expenses during your exchange. These vary between universities. Some universities may require you to submit Proof of Finances with your host application.

How can I fund my exchange?
See the Financial Support tab and above.

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How do I enrol as an exchange student?
After your exchange is confirmed, at the end of the trimester you will be given a special exchange course code to enrol in. This code reflects the length, faculty and level (undergraduate vs postgraduate) of your exchange. You will need to update your enrolment with this code. Either online, by making changes to courses, or paper enrolment. Before you depart, it is a good idea to double check your student record to make sure you have been enrolled in your exchange code.

How should I enrol if I'm wanting to go on an exchange in Trimester 2?
If you have applied for an exchange in Trimester 2, make sure you still enrol in courses at VUW for Trimesters 1 and 2 before the annual deadline. This way you ensure you are enrolled in courses if you don't go ahead with your exchange plans. At the end of the trimester, you will be given an ''Exchange Code' to enrol in as above.


Vic OE and VILP Grants

I am a member of VILP - what requirements do I need to meet to be eligible for the grant?
Check out the details here

When will I receive my Vic OE grant funding?
Students will receive their grant within three weeks of the start of their academic semester at their host institution. Students will be contacted closer to the time with details of where to send their account information. If you are a VILP student, please check with the VILP team at to ensure you meet the requirements for the VILP grant. If you do, this will be deposited at the same time as the Vic OE grant.


Working while on exchange

Can I work overseas on exchange?
We do not encourage students to seek work while on exchange but also realise that for some it is a need. The legality of working on exchange differs from country to country and we suggest you discuss this with the relevant Embassy or Consulate during the visa application process.

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Grades and credit transfer process

Will the grades I receive while on exchange show on my Victoria transcript?
You must pass all of your courses in order to receive credit at Victoria. Because you will be receiving a transcript from your host university, it is to your advantage to acheive high grades, however the letter grade will not appear on your VUW transcript. Because you may be taking courses that are pre-requisites for future VUW courses after your exchange, your Faculty may take your letter grade in to account before approving you in to these courses.

When will I receive VUW credit for my exchange?
Once the host university has sent your transcript to the Exchange Office, we will pass the original on to your Faculty and with notify you by e-mail to pick up a copy at Victoria International. The delay in receiving the transcript from the host university can take many months, so please bear this in mind if you are planning to graduate shortly after your exchange. Some universities will not automatically send your transcript to Victoria, it this instance it is the responsibility of the student to order a transcript and bring it back with them upon their return.

Can I seek a qualification at my host university?
No. As an exchange student, students are classified as ‘non-award’ students and are not able to work towards a qualification at the host uni while on exchange. Credit earned on exchange cannot be used towards another qualification at the host university.

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Application Deadlines


Victoria Trimester 1 (2018)
July 10th 2017


Victoria Trimester 2 (2018)
December 1st, 2017


Some Host Universities have a yearly intake only and will require you apply by December 1 for exchange during Trimester 2 the following year or Trimester 1 the year after that. Please check the notes under you chosen universities to see if this applies to you. e.g. University of British Columbia (UBC), Waseda University, Dalhousie Law, University of Victoria, Osaka University.

Missed the Victoria Abroad application deadline?

If you have missed the deadline, don't despair! Contact Victoria Abroad as you may be able to submit a late application. Please note that there may not be places still available at your proposed host universities, so you may need to be flexible with your exchange plans.