Opening a Box of Trolls; reading below the line in a networked society

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Presented by Dr Emma Jean Kelly

Lectures, talks and seminars

Film and Media Studies Research Seminar Series

18th May 2017 12:00pm to 18th May 2017 1:00pm

Room 103, 81 Fairlie Terrace (FT81/103)

It is a common recommendation to never read the comments section of online news outlets and blog sites. ‘Don’t feed the trolls!’ we are told, particularly as writers of feminist work. Yet if we have learned nothing else from the success of Nigel Farage and Donald Trump, perhaps we should consider why so many are so disaffected, and where they may be attempting to communicate their ideas.

This presentation will discuss some of the more recent research on anonymous online comments and how they may be significant in public sphere discourse while keeping in mind the longer tradition of anonymous communication in Western culture. Examples will be drawn from a piece written by the author for earlier this year.

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Speaker Bios

Dr Emma Jean Kelly has been course coordinator and lecturer for Media 102 Media, Society & Politics in Trimester One this year where she has been exploring with her students constructions of news and opinion in the current media environment. Previously she has published in the Journal of Educational Philosophy and Theory on biography and intimacy (2016) following from her PhD thesis and book on Jonathan Dennis, founding director of Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision. Concurrently she is working with the Labour History Project on the archives of the New Zealand Labour Party, and in that context has become particularly interested in changing media content relating to paliamentary politics in the last one hundred years.