Gender Discourse and Sexual Violence - Panel Talk and Audiece Discussion

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Presented by Sarah Laing; Grace Miller; Conor Twyford; Anita Brady; Samantha Keene; Fairooz Samy

Lectures, talks and seminars

3rd May 2017 12:15pm to 3rd May 2017 1:45pm

Student Union Memorial Theatre (SUMT228)

What is 'Rape Culture' and why is the media talking about it? Is this a new phenomenon? Come and listen to experts in conversation about sexual violence and its representation.

This is a chance to bring together an interdisciplinary group to discuss a topic which has been in the media lately without the pressure of a journalists' deadline. Reflecting and digging a little deeper into the discussion of sexual violence is a way to think about what is happening and how things may be able to change.

For more information contact: Emma Kelly

Speaker Bios

Sarah Laing is the author of three books, a multiple award winner and blogger.

Grace Miller is a historian who specialises in the history of protest and workers' movements in New Zealand.

Conor Twyford is an activist and General Manager of the Wellington Sexual Abuse HELP Foundation.

Anita Brady is a Senior Lecturer of Media Studies at Victoria University of Wellington who has written extensively on gender representations and is author of 'Understanding Judith Butler'.

Samantha Keene wrote her MA on sexual violence in university halls of residence and is currently writing a PhD on pornography.

Fairooz Samy is a PhD student in Media Studies studying celebrity feminism.