Master of Engineering

The Master of Engineering (ME) is a sought-after professional qualification in engineering and an excellent next step for Bachelor of Engineering with Honours BE(Hons) graduates.

The ME programme provides an opportunity to carry out a significant piece of research in engineering.

Entry to the programme usually requires a BE(Hons) degree with first or second class honours from Victoria University or equivalent.

ME Programme

The ME can be completed by thesis only, or be taken as a thesis and coursework:

  • a 120 point Masters thesis (ENGR 591) or
  • 90 point Masters thesis (ENGR 592) and 30 points of approved 400 or 500 level courses the BE(Hons) or ME, including directed individual study courses, as shown below.
    • ENGR 591 - Thesis - 120 points
    • ENGR 592 - Thesis - 90 points
    • ENGR 581 - Directed Individual study - 15 points
    • ENGR 582 - Directed Individual study - 30 points

The ME may be endorsed with a specific subject, such as:

  • Electronic and Computer System Engineering (ECEN)
  • Network Engineering (NWEN) or
  • Software Engineering (SWEN).

To be eligible for the award of Distinction or Merit, a candidate must complete the degree within 18 months. For part time students, the period may be extended pro rata to a maximum of three years.

Students who are interested in entering the ME programme are encouraged to discuss thesis ideas with relevant staff who may supervise their research.