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This subject is taught by the School of Educational Psychology and Pedagogy in the Faculty of Education.


Educational Psychology and Pedagogy courses contribute to teacher education qualifications, the BA in Education and Education and Psychology, and Education postgraduate programmes. The courses are administered by the School of Educational Psychology and Pedagogy within the Faculty of Education.

The School of Educational Psychology and Pedagogy has a focus on the psychology of teaching, inclusive pedagogy and a wide range of specialties within education including instructional design, organisational learning, special education and principles of classroom management. An important focus for the School is to develop innovative solutions for enhancing Māori and Pasifika success in both undergraduate and postgraduate studies and to establish and maintain programmes of study that address the changing needs of our community of learners.

To see which Educational Psychology and Pedagogy courses contribute to your programme of study, go to Undergraduate Study, Graduate Diploma of Teaching or Postgraduate Study pages.

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Victoria's Student Recruitment, Admission and Orientation Office offers advice on courses and help with planning your degree.

Educational Psychology and Pedagogy courses are taught in the Faculty of Education.

School of Educational Psychology and Pedagogy (SEPP)
Level 3, Malcolm Block, Karori Campus
Phone: 04-463 9502
Fax: 04-463 9521
Email: sepp@vuw.ac.nz

Student and Academic Services Office
Faculty of Education
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The BA degree is administered by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

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List of courses

100 Level Courses

EPSY 111 – Working with Infants, Toddlers & their Families/Whanau

EPSY 113 – Understanding Young Children

EPSY 114 – Introduction to the Teaching Profession ECE

EPSY 115 – Building Authentic Relationships with Children

EPSY 131 – Teaching: What's It All About?

EPSY 132 – Building Learning Communities in New Zealand

EPSY 141 – Human Development and Learning

EPSY 142 – Understanding Behaviour: Working with People

FEDU 101 – Foundations for Educational Studies

200 Level Courses

EPSY 211 – Facilitating Curriculum to Support Children's Learning

EPSY 212 – Planning for Diversity

EPSY 231 – Teaching and Learning for Success

EPSY 232 – The Learner at the Centre of Teaching

EPSY 233 – Motivating Students to Learn and Achieve

EPSY 235 – Teaching Diverse Learners

EPSY 241 – Young People, Education and Media

EPSY 243 – Educational Psychology

EPSY 244 – Issues in Human Development

FEDU 280 – Adult Literacy and Numeracy: Policy, Theory and Practice

300 Level Courses

EPSY 301 – The Learner in Context

EPSY 302 – Teaching Models and Strategies

EPSY 312 – Early Development and Relationships

EPSY 313 – Being a Professional EC Teacher

EPSY 314 – Investigating Pedagogical Practices

EPSY 315 – Learning Together: Young Children and Adults in Early Years Settings

EPSY 317 – ECE Pedagogy

EPSY 318 – Professional Early Childhood Teaching Portfolio

EPSY 320 – Teachers as Lifelong Learners

EPSY 322 – Teaching ESOL

EPSY 330 – Extending Gifted Students in the Secondary Curriculum

EPSY 331 – Becoming a Skilled Professional

EPSY 341 – Classroom Studies

EPSY 342 – Educational Psychology: Diverse Learners

EPSY 343 – Youth and Life Challenges

EPSY 380 – Teaching and Learning Literacy in Adult Contexts

EPSY 381 – Teaching and Learning Numeracy in Adult Contexts

EPSY 382 – Challenges for Learning and Teaching Literacy and Numeracy in Adult Contexts

EPSY 383 – Assessment of Literacy and Numeracy in Adult Contexts

EPSY 384 – Design and Evaluation of Literacy and Numeracy Interventions in Adult Learning Contexts

EPSY 389 – Applied Research in Human Development and Learning

FEDU 301 – Understanding Research in Education